3 Benefits of Having An Aesthetic

Is having an aesthetic necessary? No of course not, but it certainly has its benefits. Social Channels, Instagram specifically is a visual representation of your personal brand. It could be a mix of wanting to create your own product or work with brands, your feed is your visual resume and while there aren’t necessarily any “rules”, having an aesthetic definitely makes a difference. Let me just say when it comes to making money though, it’s possible with or without an aesthetic to make money. Don’t feel like you won’t just because you don’t have an aesthetic, but having an aesthetic definitely adds to the wow factor of your brand.

That said lets into 3 benefits of having an aesthetic.

3 Benefits of Having An Aesthetic

Connects People To Your Brand

In a day and age where there are a million of us to “choose” from, millions of us to follow, it doesn’t hurt to do things to stand out. We live in a time where a lot of people want the same things and including wanting to look the same and I love the freedom that I have had over the years to visually create and build my brand. Having an aesthetic has made my blog and brand memorable to people. I know I’ve done a good job building over the years, but as far as overall brand cohesion and aesthetics beyond Instagram, I wasn’t always in the space that I am now.

Now I know for a fact what draws people to my brand; now I know what my brand presentation is and what that looks like and feels like. Due to that people that connect with me and my brand remember me because of that. Usually people don’t go to someone’s Instagram feed that has a dope aesthetic and been like “wow I wished they didn’t organize this so well, or put such an effort into this”, or maybe they do, who knows, but usually people are pleased with what they see and I personally feel like that’s a great advantage for your personal brand.

I remember one of the last events I went to in 2019, my outfit that I wore was very on brand; the women I met that day, when we followed each other on Instagram the first thing they said was “wow you are totally your brand aesthetic”, top tier compliment for a creative by the way. From that day forward, it reminded me that I am my brand and how I present online and in person really brings it together and causes a memory muscle to be formed.

Having An Aesthetic Always Presents Well

Having an aesthetic presents well; that doesn’t mean if you don’t have one, it doesn’t, but some sort of pattern or vibe really makes a difference and again it causes people to remember your brand. I have followed people purely because of their aesthetic. The way they maintain it and really bring it out in their everyday life is such a dope skill and it always makes me want to know more about them.

Imagine how brands feel and people that want to maybe go in the direction you’re going, the people you will ultimately influence. You simply having an aesthetic that speaks to your brand and feel can be the deciding factor of a follow or not. Having an aesthetic isn’t limited to neutral feeds only; you can do colorful, you can create your own unique vibe, that’s the point. Like I mentioned in the earlier section it’s rare people feel some kind of way because someone has taken the time to curate their feed. Some people do care, but most are like “wow, teach me”.

3 Benefits of Having An Aesthetic

Having An Aesthetic Creates Memorable Visuals

My favorite benefit of having an aesthetic is being able to create memorable visuals in a way that speaks to my brand and lifestyle. I love that those visuals can then be repurposed for blog photos and it truly makes a difference when it comes cohesion. I like to create images that can be used several ways. Can I use it for Instagram, can I use for it my newsletter, can I use it for my blog? All of those images being circulated in multiple ways continues to build that muscle memory for my brand and that is great.

My powder blue Kuei bag by Brandon Blackwood, the way in which I’ve photographed that bag in several settings creates memorable visuals. It reminds people not only is the bag so sick in all of these locations, but it gives my tribe something to remember, something to expect to some degree. Another example is how often I show my legs or wear shorts, that is a muscle memory that people can pick up on from my page. Legs and mini skirts or swimsuit moments are a part of my aesthetic; having an aesthetic is all about bringing everything full circle to create a visual representation of your art.

I’m a huge advocate for having an aesthetic and when you determine what yours is and how you can be consistent with it, it really changes your creative game.

If you have an aesthetic have you seen the benefits of it? Is it something that people notice and point out about your brand? Are you still looking to figure out how to create an aesthetic?

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