In The Style x Lorna Luxe Lola Set

I recently bought the Lola Set from the In The Style collab that Lorna Luxe has. Lorna Luxe is a well know public figure and influencer in the UK and she does the dang thing. Her lifestyle and fashion style is glam and with her In The Style collab she puts out pieces that have high end silhouettes, luxe prints and great details. I’ve been following her for a while now, she’s done quite a bit of releases with them and she kills each one, the way she wears it and markets it, effortless really.

Anyway she makes a lot of sets and they look so good. The material she chooses, the way she listens and really goes hard for her designs, it’s nothing basic. As far as collabs with brands and influencers, her line is most consistent and really well done. Feel free to check her out, I’ll link to her Instagram at the bottom of this post.

All of that said lets get into my review of the Lola Set.

In The Style x Lorna Luxe Lola Set

About the Lola Set

Lola is a two piece jumper and short set. It came in 6 colors and since we’re still at home AND it was on sale I figured I would get it. I wanted black but it was sold out. I purchased stone and white; the other colors were black, blush, lemon and sage. I’ve really been into sweater sets or sets that come with a sweater because it transitions well with the season and it becomes a good top for skirts and other pieces I have.


As far as sizing I would say it’s true to size. The Lola set is sold in pieces so I bought the jumpers in a size 6 (it came labeled as a 10) because I wanted that oversized feel; for the shorts I chose a size 4 which feels right. The shorts don’t feel too short or too tight, they have great stretch, no drawstring or anything which I actually like. Almost like a built in waist band that doesn’t lose it’s flex. I do feel like the jumper could have been a bit longer, it falls at good place when it’s not tucked in, but for tucking I do feel like it’s a bit short. I guess I could pull the shorts up, but other than that I really like both colors and love being here with all of my sets.

In The Style x Lorna Luxe Lola Set

Quality + Design of the Lola Set

As far as quality, In The Style is still a boutique house, so that vibe is still there, but the materials she chooses are pretty solid. The Lola set feels luxe, not overly heavy, but it gives off that expensive look I know so many of us look for. Like I mentioned before the Lola set has good stretch, the material is soft, not itchy or scratchy, I do have the concern that if you wear a bracelet or something it could get snagged. The shorts have a really nice trim around the edges, that definitely amps up the look. Straight hems and edges are nice, but a little extra detail makes it feel a bit more grand in my opinion. I also love an additional hem because it keeps your cheeks from hanging out.

It’s definitely so cute for being around the house or if I was on a trip with the girls or even a couples trip the Lola set is a very tasteful set and that’s really important when you think about wear and use in my opinion. I wore the stone one first, I wanted to hold out on the white one for a bit, get some good pictures in first. Overall I really enjoy the Lola set, I again wish I could have snagged black, but it’s nice to have nicer colors and 4 additional items to mix and match.

You could totally wear your stone shorts with your white jumper or the other way around, lots of ways to style it.

9/10 would recommend.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Would have been a 10 but the jumper is a smidge short when it comes to tucking in. I really like the silhouettes she chooses and the materials and patterns, it’s very well thought out, very well on brand. This is how you do boutique collaborations; if I had a collab with a boutique it would have to be solid like this. Keep a look out for more collections dropping. In The Style though international has really good mailing, I got my package pretty quickly, quicker than I was expecting.

Lorna Luxe Instagram

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    • Jazmyn
      August 31, 2020 / 2:00 pm

      Thank you so much Gina! Definitely a new favorite look. So so comfy!

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