50 Things to Do for Improved Self Care

Self care is not a new word; improving and maintaining your self care and is something we can all do more. I recently took a Saturday to do nothing. I took a nap, did laundry, read, played a game, I just really took a moment to myself. At first I felt guilty, but then I realized there is nothing wrong with taking a day to rest and/or do things that I need and want to do in order to ensure that I’m effective in other areas of my life.

In order to help make sure you get your self care on your schedule, put it on your calendar; block out the time the same way you would for a hair appointment or nail appointment and use that window of time to take care of you. Maybe that is your window of self care. Today I’m sharing a list of 50 things to do for improved self care.

Self Care
  1. Take a walk or switch up your usual route
  2. Read
  3. Journal
  4. Polish Your Nails
  5. Do a mask
  6. Take a bath
  7. Try a new recipe
  8. Light a candle
  9. Take a class (art, fitness, cooking)
  10. Color in a coloring book
  11. Do a puzzle
  12. Buy yourself flowers
  13. Take a nature walk
  14. Watch your favorite movie or show
  15. Pray
  16. Clean out your closet
  17. Clean out old skincare and makeup products
  18. Change your hairstyle
  19. Watch the sunrise
  20. Watch the sunset
  21. Buy new magazines
  22. Have a game night
  23. Girls Night or Guys Night
  24. Go to a museum
  25. Try a new restaurant or a new menu item
  26. Drink water
  27. Listen to podcasts and audio books
  28. Stretch
  29. Cry
  30. Treat yourself to your favorite snack
  31. Cancel Plans
  32. Go to sleep early
  33. Sleep in
  34. Write a gratitude List
  35. Set your budget each month/pay period
  36. Cancel free subscriptions before you forget
  37. Change your lipstick or lipgloss
  38. Create a new playlist
  39. Wear a pair of your favorite heels
  40. Take a nap
  41. Staycation
  42. Order from your favorite restaurant
  43. Brain Dump
  44. Take a deep breath in and out
  45. Plant something
  46. Compliment a stranger
  47. Learn something new
  48. Change your morning and/or evening routines
  49. Dance
  50. REST

I hope this list encourages you to focus on self care even in the smallest ways. Share this list with someone else who deserve a self care day. You don’t have to prove to someone or explain to someone why you need a self care day to yourself. Just take it and take it without feeling guilty.

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