Why We Chose Basic Invite for Our Save The Dates

10 months out and thanks to Basic Invite our Save The Dates are ready when we are. I have been looking forward to sharing my wedding planning process since I started my blog. I didn’t anticipate that it would have been two years later that I had anything to share, but here I am giving you all the tea. The one thing that has been amazing about having a long engagement has been the process of things really falling into place effortlessly and our Save The Dates were no different. Today I’m sharing why we chose Basic Invite for our save the dates.

Basic Invite


I had been looking at a few websites, checking out options and wasn’t completely blown away by anything in particular. I heard about Basic Invite through a wedding Facebook group I’m in and I immediately had to check them out. One thing I’ve learned in this process is be open and don’t be afraid to go off the beaten path. After visiting their website, I saw that they had a CLEAR save the date AND a clear wedding invitation option and immediately knew I wanted to work with them.


Aside from the fact that my fiance and I wanted to be as non-traditional as possible, Basic Invite is one of the few sites that allows customers the option of almost unlimited colors as well as instant previews. The ability to instantly change and customize everything from font to color right on the website is seriously the easiest thing. They have over 40 envelope colors and even have peel and seal options for those of us who don’t exactly desire to lick 100+ envelopes. Speaking of envelopes, though we didn’t use this option, when we were checking out with our save the dates, they offer the option of free address printing. You get a link to send to your attendees allowing them to share their address and you’re all set.

You can also order custom samples so that you can see EXACTLY what your invitation or suite would look like before you buy. Most places send samples of pre-printed invites so we can check for quality, but nothing beats being able to see in real time what a certain font, color or design looks like with your information. You’d be surprised at how different things can look when you use your actual name and information, not the names that are used for examples. At this point, I didn’t even need to order samples, I trusted them simply because of all of the things I had a chance to check out before deciding. 


Basic Invite has such creative save the dates. My favorite product and the item that sold me on this whole process was the clear save the dates. I truly could not believe that was an option especially because most clear items that are invitations are heavier acrylic so to be able to have such a unique and chic save the date without breaking the bank seemed a bit unheard of.

I’m also a very minimal person when it comes to design; I never saw myself having this really crazy invitation, at least not for save the dates; I always wanted it to be simple, chic and leave a little mystery. The options for minimal/formal invites or save the dates were actually really impressive. I actually had a hard time choosing because each of the options were so nice, but also so different. You know the choices were good when my fiance couldn’t say no. He is pretty clear about what he doesn’t like which is helpful, but even he was very impressed.


The process has really been an effortless one, from the moment we came across Basic Invite. Navigating the site was easy, editing was easy, nothing about using Basic Invite caused me to feel stress or anxiety in fact it was the complete opposite. I felt confident that what I would be getting would be just what I needed.

I would for sure recommend Basic Invite. One thing I’ve learned about myself in this phase of wedding planning is we don’t have to do everything the “traditional” or old fashioned way. There are so many ways to get exactly what you want without feeling like you had to give up something else. Basic Invite also has a really good way of keeping a lot of what you need in house. They are certainly not limited to what I shared above. They also provide FREE, mobile friendly, wedding websites; they have themes and templates that match each invite they offer and of course you can customize your colors to your liking. 

Not only is all of that super helpful, but they literally have over 1000 wedding invitation sets. Nothing has made this process more irritating then visiting certain sites, going through their 7 pages only to be wondering if there is more; whatever your budget is, I know for a fact you could find something you love on Basic Invite. For my readers that aren’t planning a wedding, don’t let that stop you, business cards, birthday invitations and more are also available on their site. 

I’m so appreciative for Basic Invite making this process easy, effortless and chic all at the same time. I’m getting what I want without having to sacrifice something else and that is really the most important during this special time in my life. Make sure you’re following them on INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, FB and PINTEREST. Also stay tuned for a sneak peak at our save the dates on my stories this evening.

This post is sponsored in collaboration with Basic Invite. All honest opinions are my own.

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