7 Things to do in Los Angeles for Fall

Los Angeles for the fall; what is there to do. I’m not rushing to do a ton of things this year, but there are a good amount of things that you can do if you want to keep it outside or sometimes inside and keep it safe.
Let’s not waste any time; the Veuve Polo Classic just wrapped up this past weekend and the outfits were show stoppers, but don’t worry there is still so much to do.

Let’s get into 7 things to do in Los Angeles for the fall.

7 Things to do in Los Angeles for the Fall

The Alice: Immersive Cocktail Bar

Los Angeles has had their fair share of pop up experiences; some based off of movies and iconic shows and when it comes to Alice and Wonderland, it’s no different.¬† The Alice: Immersive Cocktail Bar is a $47 per person, 90 minute theatrical experience¬† where you will be whisked away for the fall. From unique cocktails, to themed desserts, this is a great experience for us angelenos wondering what to do during this fall season.

Rams or Chargers Game at Sofi in Los Angeles

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Sofi stadium, aesthetics alone definitely makes you want to see the 5.5 billion stadium. Football season is one of my favorite things about the fall and to have 2 solid NFL teams here playing this year, it makes the experience worth it. The traffic and all of the little things become worth it. I’ve been to my share of college games, but NFL games not so much, so if you’re like, though I have been to the stadium, the fall is your chance to get in while you can.

If you don’t think you’ll make it to a game this season, you can always prepare for the Superbowl. Check out Almost Anything Inc.for packages of a lifetime.

Pumpkin Patch

I haven’t seen any pumpkin patches in the usual spots in Los Angeles, they could be opening later this year, but I do know that there are some that are worth visiting. Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch is a pretty popular spot. Shawns Pumpkin Patch is the one I went to for my photos a few years ago. Just a few years ago I was at the pumpkin patch, in the hot sun, wearing a tedding coat trying to get pictures, because that’s what creators do every year right? I’m not doing it this year, but the pumpkin patch inside of Trader Joe’s is great incase you too don’t feel like hitting up your local patch.

Drive In Movie Theater

Drive in movies are so nostalgic and they really made a comeback last summer; though the drive in I personally go to isn’t hyperlocal, the experience every time I go there is so great. There are 2-3 drive ins, most are located in the Montclair area and surrounding. The one we go to is called Mission Tiki Drive In, there is 4 screens, you can catch a double feature and they even have concessions. The moment you drive in and cruise down your lane to get to your screen, the experience begins and what’s better than being cozy in the car with your favorite snacks and people? As the weather cools down and fall starts to really settle in, the drive in is a great way to get outside, but still see your favorites.

Street Food Cinema / Rooftop Movies

The weather is quite nice in Los Angeles for the fall since it usually takes us a bit of time to cool down. If you are wanting to hang on to those lingering moments of summer with food trucks and the warm breeze then you might want to hit up a rooftop movie. Places like EP LP have their rooftop theatre; their line up is pretty great for October. You can also do dinner with your movie.

Street Food Cinema which, I’ve attended for many years also never fails. Street Food Cinema tends to show nostalgic films, classics we all love. I They flow with the season, so you can expect a variety of spooky season stuff currently. I appreciate that the spaces they use are super large and I love that they have VIP. Nothing beats coming in closer to start time and walking right to the front, worth the extra money in my opinion.

Van Gogh Experience in Los Angeles

If you’re into art or like myself saw the sneak peaks of the Van Gogh experience, it definitely looks like something fun to do. Immersive pop ups and one of a kind in person experiences, has always been something I love about Los Angeles in the fall. Some of my favorite content was created at pop ups. If you’re in the local area or feel like making a night of it check out the Van Gogh experience on Sunset Blvd., open now until January 2022.

Presentation of Jean Michael Basquiat at the Broad

My husband and I are attending this at the end of the month. I’ve been enjoying finding new things to do in Los Angeles for the fall. Jean Michel Basquiat is someone that my husband has spent time researching to share with his students at his school. By default outside of what we already knew, I have really grown to appreciate and love learning about him. This will actually be my first time going to the Broad so I’m glad I’ll being go with intent for my first time. Museums and exhibits are a great way to get out and see things as the weather cools down or in our case, heats up too much.

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What are your favorite things to do in Los Angeles for the fall season?

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