Roundup: 6 Beauty Products I’m Loving Lately

It’s natural to want to switch things up, change out products that don’t seem to do their best anymore. It’s also natural for certain products to become “cult-favorites” that you could never live without. I’m not calling any of these my cult faves or anything, but I have been using each of these products consistently and I appreciate the way they work. That said I’m sharing 6 beauty products I’ve been loving lately.

Season has nothing to do with my use of these products, the simple truth is they work the way I need them to and that is why I currently like them.

Roundup: 6 Beauty Products I'm Loving Lately

Le Dew Beauty Serums

Le Dew hosted a giveaway where the winner would receive both of their serums. One is called Baby Smooth (60% hyaluronic acid) and the other is Citrus Sunshine (15% Vitamin C). I’ve been wanting to try serums, specifically something with Vitamin C because of my stubborn blemishes and I really wanted to get on the hyaluronic acid “wave” because I know that even the best face washing wouldn’t prevent anti-aging and promote turn over. I was ecstatic when I won, not only because the products packaging was beautiful (how can you not love it), but because I was ready to give serums a try and this in my opinion was a sign that now was the time.

The day I started using the products, of course I didn’t see any changes, but within days, my skin was changing for the better. My blemishes appear to be lighter, my fine lines (smile lines/frown lines) which I was tackling using hydrating moisturizers were starting to look softer and not as visible AND it seemed like the Baby Smooth product was really that extra step I needed. I noticed Baby Smooth has been working exceptionally well because at the end of the day there is no makeup crease where my smile and frown lines are. I’m definitely going to keep both of these products in my routine and will keep you updated with further results.

Roundup: 6 Beauty Products I'm Loving Lately

Mini Beauty Blender

I’ve been using beauty blender(s) for a few years now, but only one size. I never used the other sizes because I didn’t feel like I needed to, but listen, the mini is definitely becoming a favorite product of mine. It’s perfect for under eye blending without too much tugging on the skin. The tugging on the skin is important for me because I’m working on getting my under eyes into better shape so the less tension the better.

I appreciate that it gets into the little lines without affecting any other area because using the normal size blender under my eyes has sometimes caused concealer to get into other areas that I didn’t need it to be in. I definitely appreciate and understand the size options and will definitely continue to use this product.

Roundup: 6 Beauty Products I'm Loving Lately

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

I didn’t own any Too Faced products until I bought this foundation (and the primer) and I’m glad that this was my “introduction” to the brand. I didn’t realize how many shades they lacked until recently. At Beautycon I realized that Jackie Aina was front and center with branding so my only thought was “Yass Sisss, get your coins.” I didn’t even realize that they had just released a whole new wave of shades.
Fast forward, I was running out of my NARS and in an effort to stay on plan with my budget, I did my Sephora ColorIQ, found another brand/product a bit more afforable (Too Faced) and decided to research. After perusing Youtube and finding a beauty blogger with the same foundation shade as me (CHAI), I knew this was it.
I enjoy how build-able it is, how it matches so well, how it gives me a “this is my skin” vibe AND that it last all day. So far it has lived up to everything the beauty blogger said and I couldn’t be happier. I change foundations every season usually, but this may be my go to for a minute or at least a staple that I know I can always count on.

Smith’s Lip Salve (in the Tube)

I’ve been a loyal Smith’s users since I gave up Carmex, Blistex and any other not good enough for my lips chapstick and Smith’s has been my right hand and my go to ever since. I started out using their Rose Mint Lip Salve which comes in a tin and I actually love the tin, but it’s really hard to deal with in the Summertime. Not only does it melt like crazy if not kept cool (in the summer), I have to use my finger to apply it.
The reason I switched to the tube is because I recently got a dog and touching her and her biting on my hands makes it harder for me to keep my hands clean at all times and I really could not afford to keep dipping my finger into the product without washing my hands. I apply lip stuff very often and if I’m tied up or just leaving the gas station or anything where I can’t wash my hands right away, but need to moisturize my lips, this product in the tube is a life saver. I haven’t used anything that works better for me as far as an everyday lip product the way this has.
Roundup: 6 Beauty Products I'm Loving Lately

RUDE Angelic Highlighter Palette

This palette came in a PR package from Riley Rose, definitely one of my favorite PR packages. Riley Rose haa a variety of brands in store that you typically don’t find anywhere else (including Lime Crime) and I’m pretty excited to be able to explore new brands that I wouldn’t typically come across.
My favorite part of the makeup process is highlighter; it completes my look and makes me feel super glam. I like this product because I didn’t buy the Moon Glow palette from ABH, but if there was anything closest to it, it’s this. Not only that it has more than 4 highlighters. I’ve always wanted to see what purple, green and blue highlight looked like and I got my chance thanks to this palette.

Roundup: 6 Beauty Products I'm Loving Lately

The Body Shop Tea Tree Line

I started using The Body Shop’s Tea Tree products again a little over a month ago and I’m so glad I started back up. I’m almost through my face wash, but still loving the anti-imperfection serum AND the overnight mask. Honestly the overnight mask is what really seals the deal with the face wash and the serum. Oily/combo/acne prone babes, these products are designed for you and I.

I love knowing that all of the products work just as well separately as they do together. I’m ALSO super excited to keep rocking with my tea tree products because I’m a Body Shop Brand Ambassador!!! #DreamLifeLoading I’m super excited to rock with The Body Shop for a whole year and share all of the amazing products that are coming up and coming out. So stay tuned with that.

It’s nice knowing that I have found products that work for me regardless of season or changes, I look forward to expanding as I try new things, but for now these things are good in my book. What are some products you are currently loving? Drop them in the comments!

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