It’s Personal: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

Things and people change over time, but change doesn’t have to mean friction or issues. There are a number of things that can strengthen and make your relationship better, but it’s up to you and your significant other to figure out what those things are.

Work Out Together

You will learn a lot about your partner (if you didn’t already know) when it comes time to work out. My fiance and I both played sports growing up and in high school, so we have backgrounds with consistent fitness but keeping up these days can be hard. I definitely want to be in my best shape for a number of reasons, but sometimes I need that extra push.

All of my hardest workouts have come as a result of us working out together. He pushes me beyond my capacity, beyond my want, and even when I get mad he still keeps it up. Though it’s hard it’s a moment for playful competition, but it’s also a moment to build trust. I trust this person enough to tell me to do XYZ Workout so I can get these results. I trust and know that this person is not trying to hurt me with this workout, instead they are trying to build me up and make me stronger.

Cook Together

I’m going to have a personal chef in the future so this may not last forever, BUT cooking is a lot of work, if you don’t love it why not cut the time in half by doing it together. Whether you’re making the food, or slicing and dicing it’s a lot easier and more fun when you do it together.

Put some music on, discuss a hot topic or have a glass of wine and just enjoy each others company.

Meditate Together

I remember the first time I asked my fiance to meditate with me. I don’t know what he expected, but I asked him anyway because I wanted to get him in the mindset of doing it. I started out by playing soft music in the background, then eventually we got to the point of silence.

I initially asked him to do it because me doing it by myself and bettering myself yes helps us both, but it made more sense for me to include him so he could experience growth of his own. Sometimes there is too much noise keeping you both from quieting down so meditation can be that quiet place/thing you both share together.

Pray for Each Other

If God isn’t at the center of of your relationship this may not apply to you. If He is, it is so important to pray for your significant other. You hope and pray they share all of their things with you, but there may be moments when they don’t and it’s your job to pray for them. Keep them lifted up.

The Bible tells us where two or more are gathered he is right there in the midst so all you need is each other and God. Help them with battles that they aren’t even aware of. Be in agreement with them that God will take care of whatever it is they are believing for. Be strong in your faith for them and with them so they can borrow your confidence when they aren’t feeling it themselves.

Most of all pray for them when you are not together. There are things that come up in their day that you may not even know about. My fiance had misplaced something that he needs for work and I told him, I would pray for him because what he was looking for could only be one other place (the place he was going). Sure enough he recovered it and we could only thank God. It’s so important to pray for each other.

Celebrate Each Other

If there is one person that should be the loudest in your corner it should be your significant other. Let them know they can do anything, you support them more than 100% and that you are right there with them regardless of what obstacles may come up or what things end up looking like. Cheer them on when they aren’t around and when you’re right there with them.

What are some things you and your significant other do to keep your relationship strong?


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