It’s Personal: Engaged, No Date

I felt prompted to write this and get it out ASAP because I recently got asked if I was ready for my “Big Day”. I actually laughed when I was asked; not because I’m not ready but because I don’t even have a date yet to be ready for. I know people just like to make small talk and inquire but I did laugh.

No we don’t have a date yet; yes we are 4 months into engagement and no we STILL don’t have a date yet. Why? Because we’re enjoying being engaged. I have a few friends who got engaged the same month as me or shortly after and they are already married and I am truly so happy for them! I can’t wait to reach that moment BUT, we aren’t at that moment yet so ya’ll don’t have to ask anymore.

We’re going to start planning and just pulling everything together in 2018; I’m actually not planning to announce our date because I don’t want anyone to think that automatically means they get an invite but I’m definitely looking forward to securing a date and getting that all worked out.

The other “reason” we don’t have a date yet is because we are only doing this once. There is no reason to rush. We want to enjoy it and just be in it as long as possible because this is it. Some people plan for Plan B, we are sticking to Plan A and rolling with it until death do us part. Another thing is, it just reminds me how much of the wedding is for other people and not really for you. When I initially started my event planning business and thought I wanted to be a wedding planner and engagement planner my main goal was to encourage couples not to rush. While that isn’t really my responsibility to MAKE THEM wait, I’m glad I’ve decided to take my own advice and not let anyone MAKE ME feel rushed.

I’ve already known this moment would be a big deal not just for me but for my fiance because of the type of person he is. Everyone loves him and wants to be a part of everything but at the same time I just want he and I to be reminded that this is out about us not about anyone else. So no we don’t have a date yet, we will soon, but for now I’m embracing the unexpected and living in the moment.

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