21 Pairs of Boots You Need to Buy for Fall

Boots you need to buy for fall, consider the hard work done for you. Outside of Uggs I own 2 pairs, I love both pairs, but I’ve personally been wanting to get a few knee high boot styleds. Due to the fact that I have narrow feet, calves and ankles, finding a knee high boot or any boot higher than a bootie that doesn’t flop around on my foot has been a challenge.

I’ve basically come to terms with the fact that I would need to spend a good chunk of money on boots simply because only high end styles fit me perfectly compared to those on the fast fashion side. That said I did purchase a pair of cream knee high boots that are on this list, they might be sold out now, but I’m praying I love them and praying they become the timeless staple I want them to be. All that said, I’ve rounded up 21 Pairs of Boots You Need to Buy for Fall, in several styles and designs and I hope this helps you like it helped me.

21 Pairs of Boots You Need to Buy for Fall

Boots You Need to Buy for Fall

Luxury Boots between $100-$1,100

Ankle Booties

Combat Style

Knee High and Over the Knee Boots

The Chelsea boots are very popular right now and there is a cream pair on this list that I think I may also have to get. That style has REALLY had to grow on me, but with leggings and a more fitted pant and or flirty mini dresses, the look is there. What else are you shopping for this fall?

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