Events: Eclipse La Perla Sample Sale

I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it (in my best Drake voice). I understand why sample sales are a big deal and why people crave to be at them. I follow an amazing brand called Eclipse on Instagram and I started following them because they always host super sick sample sales.

A sample sale is when brands, usually luxury or high end, sell a ton of their products at SUPER discounted prices like 85%-90% off. It’s usually a good way to clear out inventory to prepare for bringing in the new. I have been following Eclipse for a minute now, but haven’t had a chance to get to any of the sample sales yet.

Fast forward to the La Perla Sample Sale. Eclipse hosted a give-a-way for early access to the VIP preview and I won a pass! I was so excited. La Perla is a very well known Italian lingerie brand and business that has been around since the 1950’s. When I hear the name I think of sexy little lingerie pieces that are perfectly made and I wanted to see if I could snag a few pieces myself.

I’m REALLY grateful to have won the pass because once things are gone they are gone. I didn’t end up getting any lingerie as all of the white stuff was literally taken by another young lady (first come, first serve, I’m not even a hater). While pacing around the store on a weekly conference call that I had, I saw their KILLER shoes. I live for a good shoe and my fiance told me I could have a shoe collection not a bag collection so I stand firmly by that and have no problem buying the shoes.

I came across these incredible peep toe silk citron slingback pumps; yes honey ALL of that. The heel is slim and extra sexy, something that is seen with designers like Louboutin and Casadei and I could not leave without them. They had purple and blue as well but the purple ones were damaged and while they were already marked down a lot, I parted ways with them.

Shoes and Accessories were 85% which is a lot but it also depends on how much the item actually costs. I stood in line for 2 hours, but I felt so good knowing that I got such a crazy deal. I would definitely shop a sample sale again especially depending on the brand/designer. I like the chaos of it and I like knowing that I will never get those prices anywhere else. I will do my best to share all of the amazing sample sales coming up so stay tuned!

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