Self Care: 4 Ways to Thrive in a Toxic Work Environment

A toxic work environment is a circumstance that some of us deal with. I know first hand how an environment like such can really have a huge effect on your mental health and overall being. There… View Post

May Affirmations

“May this month be more prosperous, fulfilling and rewarding than the last. May you be connected to those ready to push you to the next level. May your calendar be full of things you love,… View Post

Self Care: April Affirmations

Expansion. That’s what I really want this year. To expand and continue to grow into my best self even when it’s scary and when it hurts. It’s still early in the year which means there… View Post

Self Care: My Workout Playlist

It is very rare that I workout without music, there is nothing better than having a dope song giving you that extra boost to push through. I listen to Drake here and there, but I’ve… View Post

Self Care: March Affirmations

It’s March and just like that we are quickly 3 months into the new year. I personally have been experiencing an amount of growth that I prayed for and wanted, but didn’t think would happen… View Post

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