What’s In and What’s Out for 2024

What’s in and what’s out for you in 2024? I think the fun thing about this is every year at the end of the year, we see what actually was important, what caused a bunch of uproar and the like. We all think we know, but we have no idea.

However that didn’t stop me from making my own list of what’s in and what’s out for 2024.

What's In and What's Out for 2024

In and Outs for 2024

What’s Out for 2024:

  • Fast Fashion
  • Following Trends
  • IG as a main social platform
  • Not spending time with God
  • Poor eating habits
  • Excessive complaining with no plan of action
  • Debt
  • Shallow conversation
  • Idolizing celebrities
  • Comparison
  • Breastfeeding (this one is personal)

What’s In for 2024:

  • Capsule wardroes
  • Slow fashion
  • Vintage luxury bags
  • Luxury skincare and beauty
  • Blogs
  • Threads
  • Pinterest
  • Healthy Eating Habits
  • Random Thank you notes for friends
  • Paying off debt
  • High yield savings accounts
  • Respecting boundaries
  • More Experiences
  • Living in the moment and posting later
  • Blurry photos

I don’t know about you all and what is important to you for this year, but of all the trends that pop up on social media especially at the start of a new year, this was a fun one. I think it’s nice to see what each of us are prioritizing as individuals and what is becoming increasingly prioritized as a society.

What’s in and what’s out may look similar for some of us, but ultimately they will look different overall. Additionally the way in which we go about achieving them will look different as well so keep that in mind. I was preparing for this post and doing some additional research beyond social media posts and some people are using this trend to what they call “predict” what’s coming.

We do enough predicting, without knowing in full, but if you haven’t already participated, I would focus on how the things on your in and out list can be about your overall self improvement. A lot of people mentioned sobriety or letting go of alcohol beyond Dry January and if alcohol was something that seemed to take a lot of your time in 2023, that’s a good reason to have it on your in and out list for 2024. Still have fun, but really think about the changes you’ve been wanting to make and how you can put emphasis on those things. We’ll revisit this at year end.

What are your top 3 things on your what’s in and what’s out list? Have you seen a pattern between your lists?

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