3 Reasons No One Is Reading Your Blog

Wondering why no one is reading your blog? When’s the last time you promoted it? Are you only sharing links when you post a blog one time? Are you even writing blog posts at all?

Unlike social media, your owned platform deserves sharing more than just one time and really deserves more love than your social channels. Of course your social channels and the things created for them have their place, but the lifespan of social channels is very short, with an exception of Pinterest and Youtube and yes I’m bias. You may get regular traffic from your regular share of visitors, but think about how many people miss what you’ve shared simply because you haven’t felt led to share it beyond that one time?

Blogs aren’t dead, social media isn’t the end all be all and whatever you own and work on outside of social media should be top priority when it comes to making sure that which you created gets in front of the most eyes. That shared let’s get into 3 reasons no one is reading your blog.

3 Reasons No One Is Reading Your Blog

Reasons No One Is Reading Your Blog

No One is Reading Your Blog Because You Don’t Promote It Enough

How often are you promoting your blog? Once a week? Once a month? Not at all? A friend that I follow was recently feeling a way because they recently created content, a reel to be specific, and it didn’t perform as great as they thought it should have based on their efforts put into creating it. The first thing I said when I DM’d them was share it again, because I didn’t see it at the original moment it dropped. If I didn’t see it that means someone else didn’t either.

The same is especially true for your blog, not only is your blog and the posts created on a completely different platform that requires a link to get to, no one is reading your blog simply because you posted a post. How do I know it’s been posted? What if I’m not subscribed to your newsletter or following your blog at all?  That’s usually the case more often than not, but also it’s your responsibility as the creator to make sure that you are actively putting that content in the face of others.

Before Instagram made story links available to everyone, it used to only be limited to those with 10K followers. It was even more work, but letting people know in your posts to ‘click that link in bio’ was still worth the effort because like story links, those who really wanted to read, they went to your link in bio. Now that we all have access to story linking, there is literally no excuse to not share your blog posts or share links that leads people off of social media and directly to your website.

Additionally, Instagram isn’t the only social media channel you can share to and from and link to and from. Pinterest is a great option, captions and links in the description for Youtube videos is great and really wherever you have the option is a great place to share it. Remember no one is reading your blog just because you post it one time.

You’re Not Telling Your Readers What To Do

In a time where we are bombarded with content from millions of people, TV and all the things in between, you have to tell people what you want them to do. No one is reading your blog because you haven’t told them or encouraged them to. You don’t need to literally put a why description when it comes to sharing your blog posts, but the reason I started to share popular posts of the day is because I wanted to encourage people to find out for themselves what makes that post popular.

Another reason I post what is popular is because I ultimately am doing my part to fast track myself to a higher view count which helps me leverage my blog for future collaborations.

Popular posts don’t just happen by accident and if I continuously post a blog that is popular, after seeing it so many times someone is bound to become curious as to why it’s so popular. Some of my most popular posts surprised me; not because I don’t think I’m fire at blogging, but because you never know what people are searching for or wanting to know about and sharing my perspective about it has ended up working in my favor.

Additionally, people are often afraid to ask you directly what they really want answers to so blog posts and the like are exactly why blogs will never go away. People use Google and Pinterest and search engines to be able to get the information on their own so make your blog that space and that place where they can get your perspective on a topic.

3 Reasons No One Is Reading Your Blog
3 Reasons No One Is Reading Your Blog

You Don’t Have A Set Schedule for Post Days

Lastly, and while there are still a million more reasons why nobody is reading your blog, not having a set posting day is inconsistent and people forget. Even if you’re inconsistent, bouncing back or posting on your designated day that your readers are used to will never get old. My personal day is Wednesday and sometimes Friday or Sunday if I feel like I need to get something out sooner rather than later. This decision is contingent on my specific audience and me viewing my analytics to see when people engage with my posts the most.

I used to post on Monday’s and Wednesdays, but because Monday is the top of the week, my readers didn’t see as engaged as people are trying to get their lives together. That said, I don’t feel as tense knowing that I’m dropping a blog post on Monday either so it works for everyone all around. Monday, for me personally, can now be spent sharing popular posts or other stuff that feels important to me to get people prepared for what’s to come during the week.

Saying all of that to say even if you can’t be consistent for whatever reason, pick a day and stick to it. You create repetition for your readers and that’s the least you can do even if you can’t post at all times. Let this post encourage you to do better, mostly for yourself, but for those who will ultimately end up supporting you.

Check in with yourself, are any of these reasons why nobody is reading your blog?

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