How I Created My Pregnancy Aesthetic

Having a pregnancy aesthetic was a no brainer for me. Is it the most important thing in your pregnancy of course not, but I feel like it helps you feel good when everything is changing and possibly feeling different.

Pinterest is my go to and while creating my pregnancy aesthetic wasn’t going to determine the reality of being pregnant, it gave me a guide to what and how I wanted to feel and what type of outfits would help me feel most like me. I’m getting the best of both worlds because I’ll be pregnant during summer, fall and early winter which are my favorite seasons so I’m personally looking forward to dressing and bumping around for as long as possible until baby gets here.

Additionally, this is a me thing, some people truly don’t care and just want to feel good and if that’s you that’s okay too. From the outside looking in, I’ve seen some women say “I wish I would have put in more effort or dressed up more” and some, based on their condition during their pregnancy just didn’t have it in them. Wherever you fall on the spectrum just know there is no right way or wrong way.

That said let’s get into how I created my pregnancy aesthetic.

How I Created My Pregnancy Aesthetic

Style Inspiration for Your Pregnancy Aesthetic

Pregnancy aesthetic or regular aesthetic, having a starting point or foundation for your inspiration is key. People always say aesthetics are dead, but people literally search for how to be aesthetic, live an aesthetic life and everything aesthetic related in between all the time.

Outside of magazines, Pinterest gives you unlimited access to millions of photos and millions of ideas. I created my Baby Love Pinterest board when I wanted to start keeping a mood-board of what I hoped my pregnancy style would be. Additionally since we don’t plan to share our child’s face on social media when they do arrive, the baby photos I’ve saved are in a dope aesthetic that I feel like is great inspiration for how I can share in a way that’s comfortable but not beyond our boundaries.

Having an aesthetic, let alone a pregnancy aesthetic is really about identifying your style inspiration and putting your twist on it in a way that works for your budget but also makes you feel most like you. You’ll really want that when you’re pregnant, trust me.

Color Scheme

Your chosen color scheme is also a strong part of aesthetics. Your pregnancy aesthetic is no different. Anytime someone has questioned how to even create an aesthetic, I always advise checking in with your current closet and current colors of choice and analyzing that. I have some really amazing colorful pieces that I plan to wear, but naturally my overall aesthetic and now pregnancy aesthetic is neutral colors.

For me, it’s the timeless wear, the all season wear. I have maternity leggings, but everything else is stuff that I can wear beyond pregnancy which was super important for me. At the end of the day you get to decide and ultimately choose what feels best for you as far as your pregnancy aesthetic is concerned, but if you’re wanting to keep it uniform, then I strongly suggest choosing like colors and shades that align with the look you’re going for.

What You Feel Confident In

What makes you feel most confident when pregnant? I personally was never gonna be super covered up. I’ve always had the vision of mini dresses and fitted styles because I’m small and I wanted to embrace my bump. Additionally, it makes me feel sexy and confident to wear something more fitted. My pregnancy aesthetic is a direct reflection of what my Pinterest board has, but also what I felt like aligned with who I am already.

I would say when I’m not trying to draw as much attention to myself or want a lowkey look, I opt for flowy outfits, dresses to be specific, but otherwise the bump is gonna be on display that’s for sure. Additionally, please note, just because you may desire to wear a certain thing, when you put it on, you may not feel as confident in it and from there you can decide how you want to go forward. This isn’t about forcing a look, but as you choose outfits and pieces, you should always wear what makes you feel your best.

How I Created My Pregnancy Aesthetic

Flowy or Fitted

Speaking of flowy and fitted, you’ve really got two options when it comes to your pregnancy aesthetic. You don’t have to lean toward one or the other, but your body is changing and at some point you don’t have an option due to your bump growing.

Your personal body type in general also plays a role in what you may feel comfortable choosing. I like a mix of both. Fitted makes me feel snatched and more secure, but flowy is comfortable for the days I don’t want as much close to me or too snug on my skin. Since I work from home I tend to go for snugger things just to help with comfort. I have a feeling also that the further along I get I’ll start to lean more toward fitted so my belly can feel supported.

I’ve been asked where do I get some of my dresses and the pieces and I wear and between Old Navy, H&M, and Vici Dolls, “nowhere particularly special”. Naked Wardrobe is on my list for cooler weather, I still need to find something for my baby shower and I don’t want to look like a puffer fish so I really probably go for something on the fitted side.

All in all, because truly so much changes during pregnancy, wear what you feel most comfortable in and if you have a chance to wear something that makes you feel confident or sexy or just feel good, wear it. Don’t let others opinions make you feel indifferent or cause you to do otherwise. I was in target the other day and I was bumping around in the two piece that’s in the photos of this blog post and there was another woman who was in a maxi dress that was flowy but hugged her bump. We clearly had our own pregnancy aesthetic. It just is what it is. Don’t let people project what they wouldn’t do onto you, it’s really not anyone’s concern.

Did you have a pregnancy aesthetic? Do you hope to have one?

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