4 Ways to Blog with Confidence

Are you able to blog with confidence or do you feel like no one cares what you’re writing about? Over the years people have tried to say blogs are dead, no one is reading them, but the truth is, they are, and though Instagram gives us that instant gratification, blogs and evergreen channels are able to be accessed WELL BEYOND the original post date. Not being able to blog with confidence probably comes from a deeper confidence issue and I just want to remind you that you should be confident on your journey and confident with what you have to share with the world.

That said let’s get into 4 ways to blog with confidence.

4 Ways to Blog with Confidence

Blog With Confidence From Your Perspective

The main way to blog with confidence is to remember that you’re sharing things and experiences from your perspective. I think we get so deep into comparison that we forget what another person is doing isn’t even our journey or experience so what are we really comparing anyway? Thanks to the world wide internet we’re able to search for several things and when people search for those things, your blog has an opportunity to be apart of that search result. That alone helps me blog with confidence. Outside of the walls of Instagram, no matter what time of day, night, month or year, my blog post has a chance to be seen by as many people as possible and that keeps me going.

Your Posts Live Beyond 48 Hours

Speaking of 48 hours, Instagram posts really only live for so long. The great thing about an evergreen channel like a blog, is that your content will essentially never get old and that should encourage you to blog with confidence. Stop being so concerned about what you’re sharing be good enough and start considering how what you have to share can help someone now and someone down the road. The thing about blogs is you never know when someone is going to stumble upon it.

One thing that encourages me to blog with confidence is my ability to translate my aesthetics from my Instagram to my blog. I want people to read my blog and see what it looks like. I think it looks great, so boost of loving what I’m working on keeps me confident and keeps me tapped in. I want people to come visit my blog as often as possible; I want people to leave my Instagram page, come to my blog and be like “wow yes!”. I’m not thinking about the next person or if they are posting as much as me or if I’m over posting or whatever they make. This is my page, my blog and my consistency. Even if people aren’t clapping, people are always watching and you should show up for yourself. It will encourage you to blog with confidence.

4 Ways to Blog with Confidence

Content for You to Repurpose

The best reason to write blogs and other pieces of long form content is because it can be repurposed. You can’t repurpose what you don’t create and for me section sub-titles alone are great for repurposing content. I love using them for graphics or reels and it’s just a really great way to eliminate the amount of work you do which in turn allows you to blog with more confidence.

Both blog posts I shared last week were repurposed, one from 2019 and from 2020 and it’s one of those things; what I shared back then was relevant and it continues to be relevant, so instead of feeling shame or feeling like I need to ALWAYS be creating new content, taking something old and updating it is helpful when it comes to repurposing. Tools that you used may have changed, you may no longer feel as confident or positive as you did with whatever was going on a bit ago. Saying all of that to say, build up your expertise by talking about the same thing several ways, you’re not the first or the last creator to do it. Some creators do it so effortlessly you don’t even realize it’s the same information or updated information. Repurposed content will give you that push to blog with confidence.

Evergreen Channel That You Own

This probably should have been the number one reason, but I blog with confidence because I own my website, I own this here channel. Listen, I know we love the gram, I know we love to Tik Tok and who knows maybe you’ll go viral or be famous all of a sudden, but none of that is forever! None of that belongs to you. Essentially we create content for a platform and that platform can decide the fate of our visual presence and while I would be so sad to see my visuals gone, I would much rather have a flourishing blog, youtube channel, business website, app WHATEVER, so that way I can control my own fate and decisions surrounding it.

We as creators severely under estimate the need to own evergreen channels. If you’re reading this and still unsure what Evergreen means, it just means longer “life span” and/or content that will always be searched for and never really go away. This is why people want to be social media gurus so bad; people are ALWAYS going to wonder “how to grow your following” or “how to use story pins”, that’s great content that never goes away, but you can still have that type of success and/or traffic by creating content that you’re more well versed in; I would also encourage you to share that content on an evergreen channel of your choice. It’s the little things that allow us to be owners of our own brands and it’s those same little things that can propel you to blog with confidence.

Be encouraged, don’t let fear stop you from creating and building things you can be confident in.

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Have you been struggling to stay confident and blog about what you feel led to share? How have you overcome?

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