5 Tips for Being More Confident in Your Content

Are you confident in your content or are you too focused on the algorithm and what else is going on? Social media will have you questioning everything if you aren’t secure and rooted in what you are supposed to be doing; this quote below is great example of why you should be confident in your content.

“What you are creating shouldn’t look like anything else. Stop looking around at others trying to find “proof” that you will be successful. Stop doubting your ideas to fit in. The only thing you need is the courage to believe in yourself and the focus to execute.”

– Cara Alwill  (The Champagne Diet)

That said lets get into 5 tips for being more confident in your content.

5 Tips for Being More Confident in Your Content

Actually Create Content

You can’t be confident in your content if you’re not creating it. The cool thing about your content is it’s yours. It’s your perspective, it’s your lived experience(s). Just because it doesn’t look like someone else’s or it doesn’t “come off” the way another’s does doesn’t mean anything at all. It just means you have to figure out how to master your eye for creating and capturing. Having an aesthetic and being able to shoot 5 outfits in 1 hour is stuff that people have been practicing. Creating is practice; you begin to know what you like and don’t like, what performs and what doesn’t perform and ultimately you begin to learn your brand.

Not every single thing you post will perform well vanity wise; who cares, you can be using that for practice. That’s why people preach consistency; whether you’re posting every day or posting a few times a week, actually creating encourage you to be more confident in your content.

Be Decisive

Make a decision. Too much time spent going back and fourth ends up being time wasted. Like the quote says, what you’re creating shouldn’t look like anything else; whatever you like and however you like to create your content, DO THAT. Decide on that. If you want to change it that’s obviously fine and acceptable, but don’t spend too much time obsessing over “what people will like more”. What will you like more? How will creating what you actually like and enjoy, make YOU feel? Make decisions and move on.

Find Your Unique Way to Create

I actually get quite a few DMs about creating and “what to do if” and the best piece of advice I always give people is do what you can keep up with and try different things. If you scroll down down down to the bottom or actually beginning of my feed, you’ll see that the quality of my content has been consistent, but over time I stopped doing some things and started doing other things. The unique way that I create though has been consistent.

Shoe pics, drink pics, lifestyle content, I’ve been consistent with it, but now I’m actually consistent with it, but that’s because I can maintain the way I create. I like the way I create, I like my content even when no one sees it. That’s how you should always feel about it. There are some dope people out there, people I love to follow, but I also really love my own content and that is a very powerful place to be in when it comes to the creative space. Being more confident in your content will make you want to create. I create for you all, but I create for me and my lifestyle aesthetic.

Creators that are consistent and post regularly have found their unique way to create and they are leaning into that, they are also confident in it and it shows.

5 Tips for Being More Confident in Your Content

Don’t Worry About What Others Think

People are always going to talk, secretly watch, try to figure out how you do it and you’re going to have to keep moving regardless. I always share this snippet of my story, but 2017 was such a game changer for me and my confidence and ability to just really get after what I wanted. Do I want people to like what I create, of course, that’s natural, but do I care if they like it? No, I really don’t.

I was telling a friend of mine recently that I think people kind of chuckle when I say I have a lifestyle blog, until they really see that I have a lifestyle blog. It’s the shock factor for me, but I don’t care because I’m truly confident in my content and what I’m creating. Just take a moment and think about all of the things we’re encouraged to focus on? It’s totally fine to indulge, I do, but how much of that time is spent on other things? You could literally be becoming more confident in your content by the day if you would just put a little more focus into it.

Who cares what people think! It’s always those who aren’t doing what you do that have the most to say. It’s not an overnight process, but you can do it.

Create What You Can Be Consistent With

It’s easier to be confident in your content when you’re creating in a way that YOU can be consistent with. This is why I say use more, if not all of your photos. It doesn’t make sense to try to create content like the next person; you don’t know if they have a team, if they created months ago, you just never know how everyone is getting it done these days.

I use my tripod often, I can be consistent with that; that works better for me than hiring a photographer always. If you can only take photos inside for now, do that, do whatever YOU can be consistent with. This is the building of your confidence. You want to know why I don’t make the viral, dance or makeup or outfit videos, because I already know I can’t keep up with it. Are they cool? Do they get a lot of views? Do they help people get follows? Of course, but as for me and my platform, I’m not committed to doing that and I’m not confident in my ability to execute it consistently.

I create what I can be consistent with and though my videos may not get as many views, I know what I’m creating is aligned with my brand. Always always create what YOU can be consistent with; you’ll become so confident in your content and you’ll look forward to creating.

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  1. Tiffany
    May 31, 2021 / 4:42 am

    Such a great post Jazmyn . Every single tip is what’s going to keep you standing out and remain authentic and true to set .

    • Jazmyn
      June 1, 2021 / 9:16 am

      Thank you so much for reading Tiff! It’s so easy to get discouraged, but little things like these remind me to stay focused!

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