How to Stay Motivated with Blogging

Struggling to stay motivated with blogging? Writing a blog post can definitely be a lot of work, especially if it isn’t something you love doing. I remember a friend asking me how I do it and keep up with it especially because I don’t exactly write the shortest of posts. If we’re talking word count which is all subjective and not really relevant, I’m pushing between 750 – 1500 words simply because I want to give ya’ll I have.

I say all of that to say, something is motivating me to blog and write as much as possible. Today I’m sharing how to stay motivated with blogging.

How to Stay Motivated with Blogging

Remember You’re Blogging from Your Perspective

One of the things that I really enjoy with blogging is that every post that is put out is from my perspective and my experience in the blogger world. Your experience with something will not be the same as someone else’s. I always make it a point when I explain things to say “for me personally” or “in my opinion” because though I’m sharing something to my community, it is still MY experience and hopefully that experience is relatable, but in case it isn’t, after learning something hopefully your readers will understand it’s from your life experience.

Are there a lot of bloggers? Sure, but my experience of being an influencer and creator in Los Angeles is different then someone from New York or Europe. Heck it’s different just being a black woman. If you have to remind yourself that it’s your perspective everyday that is okay, but know your audience is drawn to you and your creation based on who you are, where you are and what you have going on.¬†Creators second guess their content and blogging all of the time; we are concerned with how it’s going to come off, when really it should come off as you. I can’t change my experience for someone else, I can only share it and hope we can find common ground. Saying all of that to say, it’s not supposed to look one way.

Re-read Your Favorite Posts & Your Popular Posts

What are some of your favorite posts? What are some of your popular posts? What motivated you to write those posts? What space would you need to be in to write something of significance that not only made you happy and made you feel good, but did the same for someone else? What space were you in when you wrote some of your best work? Was it a specific location you were in, were you at a cafe getting natural light and buzzing off of the energy of others? In the beginning I wrote a lot of my posts at work; since we’ve been home, I still feel led to sit at the computer and work. I’m fresh, I’m up, I’m already in a work setting so I might as well do something for myself as well. Pay attention to patterns and analytics, this is key for understanding what is working.

My most popular posts and the posts that come up regularly in google searches motivate me to continue blogging. While I’m at work, while I’m sleep, while I’m anywhere in the world, someone can search for something that I have to offer and find it and that pushes me to keep creating the very things that someone is looking for. If you’re not motivated to continue blogging how can someone find you and discover what you have to offer?
Your website and your posts are your prize, that is your credibility, let what you’ve created in the past motivate you to keep blogging in the future.

Revisit What Problem You’re Solving

Any time I don’t want to write a blog or don’t feel motivated to continue blogging, it’s usually because I’m writing without purpose or intent. When I start planning and brainstorming my blog post I always ask myself two things:

  • 1. What is this post about and
  • 2. What problem am I solving?

I like to keep what the post is about at the top of my page so that way if and when I’m writing if I ever feel confused I can refer to my ‘What?’. Understanding what problem your solving is key; it provides direction and allows you to think about that problem as you share your solutions.

Writing from a perspective of solving a problem gives you as a blogger a sense of purpose and urgency to get out what you know. I never thought little nuggets about creating content when out with friends or taking more aesthetic pictures would become popular, but I’m solving that problem for someone. It doesn’t have to be all deep, but I will say in year 3, I feel more sure about where I want my content go. I was holding back a bit with my blogging, but we’re going all in now.

Solve people’s problems and you will always feel motivated with blogging

How to Stay Motivated with Blogging

Ask Your Audience What They Want to See

The features on Instagram are there for a reason. Ask questions, poll your audience, ask them what they want to see. Every time I poll my audience I feel a sense of relief because now I’m not guessing and wondering what it is they want to see. If I just ask them, they’ll usually tell me. I personally like to use polls because two options is enough, most people don’t want to always type out the answer, some will, most wont.

Now I will say, though you can poll and ask your audience, don’t ONLY rely on that. Create content you feel is worthy of sharing, I’m sure it relates and ties into your brand anyway. Feel comfortable deciding to take your content a certain, without always needing the approval of your audience. There is a good space in the middle, especially when it comes to blogging; you’re the expert.

Create a Plan or Process for Blogging

Being consistent with something usually stems from having a plan for how to go after it. If there is no plan there is no process to continuing to do it. In my blog post 7 Best Blogging Tools for 2021 I talk about my favorite tools for staying organized with blogging. 

My process for blogging is keeping a list of topics/titles I want to write about. I like to start with a title so I can have my SEO keyword, I jot down section headers/titles to discuss, write, upload to WordPress, add my photos and SEO requirements and I’m ready to go. That process is the same for me every time it comes to blogging

Content Calendars are helpful, staying on top of national holiday days and other major moments are a good way to stay organized and at least have a rough plan. You have to make the process motivate you and when it doesn’t it’s probably time for a change, it can be environment, music, the company you co-work with. You have to decide what will keep you motivated and use all of that energy to keep pushing.

How do you stay Motivated? Drop some tips for the rest of us in the comments!

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