3 Reasons You Need An Everytable Subscription Box

Considering a food subscription box? I’ve been on the journey to deciding for a good while and now that I’m on my third box with For Everytable, I’ve never been happier.

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There are a number of reasons I decided this was the best subscription box for my household and every time I look up there is something new, outside of meals that really helps make things a little easier around here. That said lets get into 3 reasons you need a For Everytable subscription box.

3 Reasons You Need An Everytable Subscription Box

Causes + Ingredients

The main reason I love my For Everytable subscription box is because of the food causes supported and their overall mission.

“Our mission is to transform the food system to make delicious, healthy food accessible to everyone everywhere.”

Good and affordable food isn’t always seen in the same sentence. Often times, depending on the community you live in, affordable food is fast food, but that clearly isn’t the best as far as nutrition goes. I mentioned this when I first posted about them, but I appreciate the work being done; every purchase helps fight food injustice in Compton and Watts.

I don’t talk about the amount of driving around my husband and I have done to drop off extra food, fruit, water. We’ve loaded up the food fridges in our community, by the freeways, food poverty and not wasting is super important for the both us. We’re also in the process of turning our front yard into a micro farm; so for this particular subscription box, it’s speaking to things that are important and need to be addressed beyond me.

The wholesome ingredients, the fresh meals made daily make this is such a special subscription box if you ask me. The quantity of food, the sauces they create, literally so filling, so flavorful. I haven’t tapped into the breakfast items yet, but I look forward to it, the breakfast bowls sound delicious.

Variety of Meals + Sides to Build Your Subscription Box

I mentioned this in my Instagram post I wasn’t new to For Everytable, I’ve been eating them since inception, but even in the beginning I always appreciated the options they had. It’s evolved so much I can hardly keep up. Every time I look up, I find something else to try. I’ve been briefly sharing my journey with freezer bag meals and marinades and that gives me a protein option and I for some reason can’t always think of sides. The For Everytable subscription box has sides too! They have seasoned green beans, mashed sweet potatoes and quinoa mac and cheese and honestly it gives me all the private chef vibes. There are 2 serving size options based on the portions you need and this is truly so helpful for me.

Everything from salmon to salads, shrimp to orange chicken, I started out eating only salads at For Everytable. The Kale Caesar is a long time favorite for me but since they introduced hot meals, I’ve been living for the carnitas bowl and the turkey taco bowl. I remember being on my lunch break and going to the For Everytable downtown and they had samples of the new turkey bowl they were introducing. It was great then and it’s still good now and it feels so good to get it delivered, not gonna lie.

The whole reason I wanted a subscription box in the first place is so I didn’t have to spend time thinking about what I’ll have for lunch or what sides I need. This is a form of self care for me. Not to mention, how affordable the meals are. Whether you purchase meals on their own or sign up for a subscription box it is truly a bargain compared to others.

3 Reasons You Need An Everytable Subscription Box


Each meal starts at just $5 with things like sides, smoothies and desserts falling under. It really makes sense to have this subscription box if you live in Los Angeles* and want affordable good food without busting your budget. The reality is our cost of living is high, people are having to choose between paying rent or trying to afford healthy food options.

I’m grateful for the For Everytable spots in my community and beyond. I’m grateful that there are affordable options for someone who may not have a lot and even in that their purchase helps someone else get fed. There are a lot of things out of my control, but making a small difference to help someone get fed within my immediate budget makes a difference.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area make sure you visit a For Everytable location and if you’re not able to, for sure consider their subscription box; you won’t be disappointed.

*At this time For Everytable is only available to Los Angeles residents.

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