4 Reasons You Should Be Using Story Pins

Story Pins is Pinterest’s version of stories; if you have access to it, but aren’t using it to draw traffic to your Pinterest you are doing yourself a disservice. Pinterest is a search engine, people are looking for things. Followers are great, but not required to thrive on Pinterest. They recently updated their analytics and it’s actually a lot easier to track to now, in my opinion.

Story pins works great because you can pin short form video directly to your boards and it is taking off as far as viewership and reach is concerned. The same way people organically “go viral” and have insane reach on Tik Tok, the same is true with Pinterest and story pins. Story pins would be located in the same area you would go to create a pin, if you don’t see it, you may not have access yet, as it’s still considered early access. If you don’t have it yet, still create short form video content that can be shared and of value on story pins; then you’ll be prepared when it comes.

That said lets get into 4 reasons you should be using story pins.

Story Pins Have Organic Reach

Story pins has crazy good reach. I recently shared a reel on my Instagram and it just barely hit 1.2k views with my 11k followers. I shared the same video to story pins, no music, no added text and it’s already hit 9k views. A good amount of content that I shared on Instagram that did so so has done exceptional on story pins and while there is a lot of money and desire on Instagram, this is another avenue of value to add.

The goal of course is to get your content in front of more people and as much as I love Instagram and will still use it, Pinterest has been doing numbers for me. I share my digital stories to story pins and they do exceptionally well. I’m not looking to go viral, but I do want to continue to put in work on the platforms that are drawing the most traffic to me.

If for some reason you don’t have them yet, it’s still considered early access. I actually thought that Pinterest had made it public, but apparently not because at one point they took it from me and then gave it back. Anywho, story pins definitely has really good organic reach.

4 Reasons You Should Be Using Story Pins

Story Pins Draw Traffic To Your Content and Evergreen Channels

Story Pins has helped me draw traffic to my blog and has actually added to some of my affiliate sales. If you’re writing blogs, you should already be pinning the images from your blog posts, as well as pinning the blog itself. Graphics with words and images do really well on Pinterest, but I haven’t easily adopted that method. I pin A LOT. More than the average person on any given day/week I’m sure and I’ve always wanted to see if I could “beat the system” by not using the traditional pin graphics.

I have been able to do it, but I’m going to chock it up to the amount of pins I do. The graphics do work really well, but the cool thing is you can make them unique to your brand. Saying that to say, those graphics when turned into digital story pins have done super well for me and I know it can easily be the same for someone else. Remember people are searching for things. Clothes, tips, tricks, recipes, wedding ideas, inspiration. If you have access to story pins definitely tap in. See how your digital content from Instagram does in your story pins. Also make sure you’re pinning the photos from your blog posts.

People Are Searching for Stuff, Pinterest is a Search Engine

I’ve mentioned it several times now, but Pinterest is a search engine. Where did my wedding inspiration come from? Pinterest. How do I choose the type of styles and outfits I’m looking for? Pinterest. It’s all one big search. I’m looking up baby clothes, books, tips and tricks for new moms or women trying to conceive. As you search your feed tailors to what you’ve been looking for. If you’re new to Pinterest and your feed isn’t producing as much content, search for people to follow. Search for people that are pinning content you would like and/or pay attention to the type of content you want to pin.

When you search what results are you getting? Keep that in mind with your stories and pinning in general. How can you provide value and create click worthy pins.

Short Form Video Is Winning Right Now

The one thing I gathered after all of this, of course it’s not new, but short form video is winning right now. Whether you’re reel-ing, tik tok-ing or anything in between, what the experts are saying and suggesting with video content is true. Story pins is perfect to be on that wave when it comes to Pinterest. I’m working on improving my own short form video content and the amount I produce so I can 1. get more comfortable and 2. most importantly get better.

If you have access to story pins, you absolutely need to be using it. Some of your content may not hit, but I’m going to say a lot of will. Make sure you use tags when you are setting up story pins and make sure the board you pin it to makes the most sense. This is a quick system that you can beat to draw more traffic to your Pinterest as well as other channels.

I’ve apparently discovered that my audience loves architecture and design as well as other things.

If this post was helpful for you, let me know in the comments; I’m thinking a blog post about deep diving into your analytics on Pinterest may be something that I do in the near future. Anyway happy pinning and make sure you are using your story pins!

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