5 Ways to Write More Blog Posts

Need to write more blog posts? I’m smack in the middle of a blogging consistency challenge and I’ve noticed a lot of people saying they have been struggling with getting things done. I of course don’t know everyones schedule or everyone’s home life, but I wanted to share some things that help me write more blog posts on a regular basis, though I was only posting 4 per month.

Whether you just started a blog, are in the challenge or aren’t in the challenge, I wanted to share 5 ways to write more blog posts.

5 Ways to Write More Blog Posts

Always Have a Running List

Content creation never ends, it’s always going and always running and inspiration is everywhere. Having a running list of titles or ideas is great for writing more blog posts because you don’t have to guess about what to write. Sometimes I’ll get an idea, but maybe not even have had the experience of it yet to be able to write about it. Then the experience occurs and I already have a title or something to build off of.

In order to write more blog posts you need to always be thinking of things you want to talk about or write about. What did you hear, read or experience this week, this month, today? It doesn’t always have to be super deep. When I’m out and about, I may get an idea and I’ll slide it into my running list with a check box next to it. If and when I get to it, the reward is checking it off, if I don’t get it to it the box remains unchecked letting me know that I have a piece of content I can build off of or continue on with at any time. Take the guess work out of things.

Write More Blog Posts by Working in Time Blocks

Nothing feels more overwhelming about writing blog posts then feeling like you have been working or writing for an endless amount of time. That certainly will do the opposite of making you productive. You have to start by giving yourself small wins; time blocks and timed work is really helpful for reducing the experience of overwhelm and increasing your ability to write more blog posts.

Setting a timer puts you in the mindset of “How can I maximize this next 30 or 45 minutes? How can I maximize the next hour?” Sometimes all you have in the day to get something done is that time block; it’s important to be mindful of setting yourself up for solid productivity which in turn allows you to write more blog posts.

Work When Your Spouse Works

Working when someone else is working helps me write more blog posts. I’m not relying or waiting on my husband to work on something to handle my blog business, but if I know he is about to spend a few hours doing something and it will be quiet, I oftentimes try to maximize that same time. I’m not sure if it’s the “reward” of uninterrupted free time later or the idea that instead of pushing this until later I can get it done now when other things aren’t causing a distraction.

Since I have been working this entire time, I still have to spend time on other things,  but making sure I carve out time to write more blog posts and spend time with my husband, it makes sense to knock work out when we’re all in that mindset.

5 Ways to Write More Blog Posts

Write Your Drafts First, Edit Second

You know what’s really holding you up from being able to write more blog posts? Trying to write and edit at the same time. It’s taking too much time. Say you have your running list, you’re ready to go, you’re starting to write, but then you pause and think about how you don’t like how that sounds. Then you delete it and start over. It’s taking too much of your time.

In order to write more blog posts you need to just write. When you create a system and process for blogging/writing you should have a day or certain amount of time where you are writing drafts and a separate day or time where you are then going back to edit them. You are burning yourself out ESPECIALLY if you’re just starting or really learning to build consistency.  You have to break what you do down into steps and processes. Write your imperfect drafts first and then when you have fresh eyes and a fresh mind, go back, edit and refine. After that add pictures and meta descriptions and the like. I promise having a process of broken down steps will allow you to write more blog posts.

Write More Blog Posts by Setting A Writing Goal

I don’t know about you all, but sometimes making something a goal or a challenge is the very push I need to actually get it done. If you’re participating in this challenge and you know you need 5 posts for the week, try to get at least 2 drafts done every time you write. That first 2 is a good small win; you should be encouraged because if you can do those 2 you can definitely do 3 more.

Whatever goal you set, make sure you stretch and push yourself to write more blog posts.

This challenge has really given me perspective and real insight into creating a month or more of content. Time management and really being disciplined in what I need to create has made such a huge difference. Who knows I may even start posting to my blog more than 1x a week. For now I’m enjoying this challenge and really leaning into the ability and space to write more blog posts.

Are there are any specific things you do to help you write more blog posts?

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  1. Jackie Sweet
    July 16, 2020 / 1:41 pm

    I love these tips #Efficiency ! As I am getting ready to put my blog back out for others to enjoy these tips are very useful✨

    • Jazmyn
      July 16, 2020 / 4:53 pm

      Yas! Straight to it. I’m so excited for you! I know it’s going to be amazing!!!

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