6 Ways I Increased my Monthly Views on Pinterest

Pinterest is my favorite place to be. More than Instagram and any other social platform. I am truly an OG pinner. I started pinning in college and don’t even know how I became so well rounded with it, but I just truly enjoy it. My favorite things about Pinterest are the visual aspects of it, the search engine aspect of it and the ability to mood board and find the images that inspire me.

Recently I’ve experienced crazy views and a great increase in engagement on Pinterest so I wanted to share some of the things that work for me. That said I’m sharing 6 ways I increased my monthly views on Pinterest.

6 Ways I Increased my Monthly Views on Pinterest

Pin Daily and Consistently

Pinning consistently, like with anything else you do, helps with that engagement. I personally enjoy using Pinterest manually because I like to deep dive into what I’m looking at and/or looking for. I enjoy endless scrolling, endless inspo, endless board curation, it never gets old to me. The reason why I put so much emphasis on pinning manually is because similar to other social sites you have the ability to schedule pins through an app called Tailwind.

A lot of people talk about Tailwind and unless you truly do not have time to pin or don’t care to, but still want that traffic, then maybe it is good for you to use. I’ve never used it and at this point in time don’t see myself using it because I feel like my habit of using Pinterest is already set in stone. However you decide to meet your Pinterest daily quota, be it Tailwind or manually pinning, you just gotta do it.*

*BONUS TIP: In the beginning it may feel hard to figure out what to pin; once you start following the right people who pin what you are into, it won’t feel like you’re always searching. ALSO before you follow someone, check ALL of their boards. You can follow boards you don’t have to follow every single person you come across, especially if you’re not all the way in love with EVERYTHING they pin.

Pin Organic Content

Organic content is simply content that is actually yours.

I don’t know how many photos ended up on Pinterest when it first came out, but magically there were all of these photos already available when I joined. As I’ve gotten more familiar with it and as I’ve grown my own personal brands, it has become a place where I share my content for additional reach.

I share a good mix of non-organic content as well as organic content and I’ve found that each of them do exceptionally well. The goal would of course be to pin ALL of my own content, but there is a lot of good content and photos that are great just the way they are.

Share your Instagram photos to Pinterest; share your blog post photos to Pinterest. All of these things work in tandem and if you work them, the return will be good for your other channels. Pinterest has a business option; use that to see what kind of content works for you and those that follow you.

Have A Number of Boards That You Can Keep Up With

I have 20 boards, so this is subjective, BUT the reason I say have a number of boards you can keep up with is because in my opinion you should be able to fill each of your boards. I don’t have boards that I don’t pin to. If I just started a board (i.e., my Daily Dose of Luxury Blog Board or Black Girl Luxury) my goal is to get pinning to it, why? People will feel more led to follow more than one board and/or your account as a whole if you actually pin to them.

You don’t need a board for EVERY single thing you enjoy pinning; you’re more than welcome to have one, but to create some consistency for yourself, feel free to go a bit more general. This will get you more comfortable with the experience of pinning, specifically if you’re not going to use a third party app like Tailwind. Add specific boards as you need them. Once I turned my Pinterest into a business account I needed a board just for blog related stuff and paper and poise, both were too specific for what I already had created.

One last thing that is great about Pinterest, is your boards aren’t set in stone. If your board started as something and you’re not feeling it as much anymore, rename it and clean it out. No need to keep a bunch of unused boards.  If you have boards you want to keep, but no longer want them to be public, make it a secret board.

6 Ways I Increased my Monthly Views on Pinterest

Pin Every Photo from Blog Post

One component your blog should have if you use Pinterest is a plug-in or integration that allows you to pin directly to Pinterest. Depending on how many photos you have in your post, you should consider pinning a photo a day. This consistently puts your post in front of your audience.

Some people will use infographics or graphics with words, but you don’t necessarily have to. Whatever type of photos you use for your blogs, make sure you pin them all.

Use Hashtags in Your Description

Hashtags aren’t just for Instagram; everyone is searching for something and regardless of platform, hashtags have their place. Pinterest is no different. I didn’t start using hashtags until this year, it was never anything I paid attention to. Once I started really paying attention to my analytics, I realized that hashtags, of course, helped with reach.

The thing about Pinterest is at the end of the day it’s a search engine and digital storage all in one, so somebody, somewhere is searching for something, hopefully something that you are pinning.

Link to Something

Organic pins that are added manually should include a link to something that relates to your brand. I link 2 places. My Instagram or my blog. Marketing yourself is key even in something as simple as a pin. You’re goal is to keep drawing people to you, keep them in your funnel and in the loop.

6 Ways I Increased my Monthly Views on Pinterest


If you watch my stories, you know I’ve been going in about Story Pins on Pinterest. Story Pins for me are actually pretty fun because it’s instant inspiration that doesn’t have to be found deep in someone’s board. I pin a lot, so it’s been a fun way for me to keep up with the things I pinned that my already be a bit further down my board.

The bottom line is Story Pins are super smart for additional reach. I was able to get early access by having a Later account. At first I pushed it off, because I was trying to do it on the computer, but decided to try it on mobile and it was much more my speed. However you get access and/or when you get access, take advantage of it with your content.

Pinning should be fun, whether you do it organically or schedule pins. There is a lot of information being searched for on Pinterest, you should really take advantage of it!

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  1. flyfiercefab
    July 19, 2020 / 4:10 am

    Yess! I’ve always loved Pinterest. I randomly put together some story pins the other day (not really knowing the best way to use them, but just wanted to finally try it out) and one got like 7.3k views! Let me hop on over there and follow you sis

    • Jazmyn
      July 19, 2020 / 9:36 am

      Girl listen, story pins is easiest the best part of pinterest right now! I do all kinds, some are just inspo, some are for the blog, the views and engagement alone is WORTH IT! I’ll make sure I follow you back!

      • flyfiercefab
        July 22, 2020 / 12:53 pm

        Shortly after I realized I was already following you on Pinterest I did just follow you on IG though!

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