3 Reasons a Newsletter is Essential

A newsletter is a digital or printed report containing information or details, usually exclusive, sent to a group of people who give you their email to receive said report/news. If you check your inbox, you’re probably subscribed to your favorite stores, brands, blogs or Youtube channels because you want to be the first to know about what is going on.

Similar to you wanting to be in the know, if you have an audience, there is a chance that they want something from you and your newsletter is the perfect opportunity to give those things to them and build a community. Today I’m sharing 3 reasons a newsletter is essential.

3 Reasons a Newsletter is Essential

Your Newsletter Is Different from your Blog or Social Channels

Your newsletter is not the same as your blog or social channels, it is a space and community for those that moved through the like, know, trust factor process with you.

Your newsletter is the ultimate goal of your marketing/branding efforts by way of social media and your website. If you have been following me for a while you know that I share a just enough on Instagram because my goal is to then draw my audience to my blog. On my blog, I elaborate on what I posted via social media because that is where I want my audience to spend the most time.

Your newsletter is where you provide exclusive content that cannot be accessed unless a person consciously makes the decision to access it.

Your Newsletter is Where Your Future Customers Are

If you plan to create products or offer services and you’re wondering who you will sale to, your newsletter subscribers are those people. Be reminded, by the time someone subscribes to your newsletter, they like you, know you and trust you enough that they want to make sure they don’t miss out.

When you’re ready to sale or offer something, they should be the first people to hear about it. This is where most of your sales will happen without question. You want to test something out? Ask your newsletter subscribers, let them test something out first. These are the individuals that you don’t have to look for because they are already on board.

3 Reasons a Newsletter is Essential

You Value Your Valuable Information

If you’re helping people solve a problem then you are providing some type of value. I realized I was sharing “too much” in my DM’s and not enough in a way that could benefit more than just those who reach out to me directly. Not only that, I realized there was a need for a more broken down, personal level of communication. I use my newsletter to house that valuable information.

I have valuable information to share, we all do, based on our my experiences, so it only made sense for me to package up that value and present it in a way that is helpful, yet exclusive to those who actually want it. I don’t have to beg for anyone to subscribe, if they want what I’m offering they’ll come get it and if they don’t that is fine.

Bonus: What Platforms Are Out There?

The two most popular platforms that I have heard bounced around are Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Flodesk There are others, but these are the three I continue to hear the most about.

I recently switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk and it has definitely been the best decision for me personally. I share all about that in my post 4 Reasons I Switched from Mailchimp to Flodesk. Head there to read that and see what the big fuss is (for me). For additional newsletter tips check out my other posts below!

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