4 Reasons to Narrow Your Niche

A narrow niche is important.

Niche | adj. – Denoting or relating to products, services or interests that appeal to a small specialized section of the population.

I’ve seen and heard from both sides of the spectrum. You need a niche, you don’t need a niche. After thinking about how effective I became with blogging when I did niche down, it started to make more and more sense. I felt less scatter brained, less all over the place and really more confident in what it was I had to share. Wondering how to niche down when you have so many other passions? My piece of advice when people are struggling to pick “one thing” is to focus on whatever is currently most aligned and most effective in leading you toward your goal.

Daily Dose of Luxury isn’t my only brand, but it is the first brand I focused on consistently for a consistent period of time. Focusing on one thing has given me the ability to build another thing and while I would love to have a million products across all of my brands (and will) I needed to focus on one thing first. My brand Paper and Poise, which is a part of the stationary community, at this time, is focused on one type of product; my scripture cards. That has worked so well for me and has caused rapid growth; probably the fastest I’ve grown a brand thus far.

ALL of that said, I’m sharing 4 reasons to narrow your niche.


Focused Work

A narrow and more specific niche allows you to create focused work. I’ve been on both sides; trying to do and be everything for everyone and realizing that there is more power in my specificity. Having a personal brand allows you to encompass several things under one umbrella. However, 2-4 things done well compared to 7-10 things done half ass, what are you gonna choose?

I’d personally go with less; 2-4 things that I can become known for FIRST so that way when the transition or decision to add something else comes, it’s a bonus instead of a hinderance. I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t know EVERYTHING about social media, blogging or luxury, BUT choosing to niche down and share my experience in the space has really done great things for my brand and without that focus I don’t know if my brand would be as successful as it has been thus far.

I’m taking a course right now and a big part of the work is making intentional time to sit and do something for a chunk of time, that focus has actually been really helpful for me, but also challenging for me. Though I have a niche, it is still easy to fall into people pleasing, but at the end of it all, my narrow niche always brings me back.

A Narrow Niche Increases Your Authority

If you want your authority to be recognized and respected at a faster pace, you’re going to need to niche down. The moment I went back to WordPress and started focusing on blogging and influencer tips, my authority became solidified. I didn’t need to know everything, but instead share the experience and things I did know and the confidence in which I put it out, really gave me my blogger street cred.

The goal is to become a figure of authority in whatever industry you are in so that way you become the go-to person. There are a number of people who do the same thing as you, but what makes someone come to me is different than what makes someone go to you and each of our goals should be to become an authority in whatever it is we do. You’re not for everyone, but you are for someone and there is a community of people looking to you for what they need.

Authority also comes from the focused work mentioned in the previous section. When there is a plan and you consistently work that your authority surrounding niche continues to grow.


Ability to Monetize Quicker

Everyone wants to make money doing what they love and we all want to make that money ASAP. Narrowing your niche is a way to help you get there quicker. Not overnight quick, but still quicker than you thought. I’m going to speak specifically about my second brand Paper and Poise because I’ve really grown it from scratch in the last 5 months. I’m just over 850 followers and I’ve already monetized it; simply because I started out with a very narrow niche. Scripture cards and planner accessories.

Scriptures and anything faith based is touchy, but my faith is important to me and I just wasn’t seeing anyone with scripture cards specifically. Once I made my first sale, I realized that having a narrow niche was perfect and that people were in fact looking for scripture cards. A narrow niche and the way in which I’m branding Paper and Poise has benefited me tremendously. I’ve learned a lot in 5 months in addition to all that I’ve learned in 2 years with Daily Dose.

A Narrow Niche Helps Grow and Attract Your Ideal Audience

If I could go back and start over with Daily Dose of Luxury, I would have definitely narrowed my niche earlier, but you live and you learn. Having a narrow niche attracts your ideal audience. People are searching for something specific. People want to know how to do something that relates to their life and what they have going on. If you have a narrow niche you will begin to attract those that are looking specifically for your solution to their problem.

Once your content becomes that solution, those who experience your personal brand will have a reason to stay and stay longer and/or a reason to return.

You don’t have to niche down, you are free to do as you please, but some of your favorites post about certain types of things more often than you may realize. Even if it isn’t obvious, there is a niche that keeps them on track.

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  1. May 28, 2020 / 1:21 am

    I personally believe having a niche helps. These were all very good points!

    • Jazmyn
      May 28, 2020 / 4:18 am

      Thank you for reading Courtney! I agree and I’ve tried both ways, I was for sure all over the place when I didn’t have a niche.

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