How I Organize and Plan Blog Content

Planning and organizing blog content has become easier over the 2 years since I’ve started. I’ve realized more and more that everything effective runs that way because of a system or plan that is worked and tweaked consistently over time. Having a system for creating blog content became super important for me because I wanted to stop having bouts of inconsistency. My word for this year is Discipline so since I’m already in the swing of writing blog content for April, but we’re also in the middle of a Pandemic, I figured I would share how I organize and plan blog content so you can have ideas moving forward as well as have ideas to help you during this time.

How I Organize and Plan Blog Content

Goals for the Month

In order to actually plan for blog content I consider what my goals for the month are and align that with my goals for the quarter. My first goal is always consistency. If we’re giving ourselves titles, I consider myself to be a blogger over any thing else and since that is the case, I need to make sure I’m creating blog content on a regular basis. My goals for the month usually consist of:

  • Consistency
  • Target/Average # of Posts per month
  • Target/Average # of views per week
  • Target/Average # of views per month
  • New and Improved Keywords
  • Evergreen value
  • Fresh Content

The way I have my system set up, I release a blog post every Wednesday (with the exception of all that is occurring) that means I know for a fact at the very minimum I need at least 4 posts for the month. I stay organized by making a document in Evernote titled ‘Blog Posts for March’ or the whatever the current month is and use that as a way to stay on top of the posts I need to get done. I keep a running list of content ideas and things I want to talk about and consider how that content factors into other things I have going on or coming up.

A running list of blog content doesn’t mean that you have to be rigid. I always leave room for flexibility because sometimes a certain post is no longer relevant for my audience or important at this time so I may switch something out or revisit my original idea. This post, when I originally started brainstorming, had a completely different title. I even wrote myself a note to “revisit this idea” because in it’s original state there were a lot of things I didn’t feel connected to, so instead of forcing that blog content and having a potential flop, I switched it up and here we are. Always leave room for flexibility.

Events or Things Coming Up

A really helpful way I plan and organize my blog content is by considering what I have going on or coming up during the month. At the end of January I started to consider my blog content for February. I knew February would be a good month to get back to my consistent posting because I had my bridal shower and a few other things coming up so if I didn’t have anything to begin with, my bridal shower recap* was for sure going to be one of the posts at the very least.

What do you have going on? Do you have brunch planned every weekend? How about a review of the restaurant(s) you’re going to. Tips and tricks for getting a table at the hottest rooftop restaurant in Spring and Summer. Create & Cultivate happened recently, aside from attending, people may want to know what your experience was like should they consider going themselves, so LITTLE things like that are an easy way to incorporate and plan for your blog content.

I know that most of my blog content has been geared toward social media tips and help, but I’m happy to have this period of transition because now I can bring other topics and content to the table without feeling limited. Major moments, milestones and big events are great for planning blog content. If you can’t make the content full enough for a whole post, use it as a micro blog for an Instagram caption. If you aren’t using your captions as a micro blog you’re missing out on ways to keep your audience drawn in.

How I Organize and Plan Blog Content

Content / Topics I’ve Been Wanting to Write About

I’ve always envisioned my blog content growing and changing as my life transitioned and now that I have established myself thus far, I’m super excited to start talking about OTHER things. When it comes to planning blog content, I find myself wanting a balance of value, personal, event/experience related and then something else that I feel like I have enough to share about. My most recent post 6 Ways to Look Expensive on Any Budget is a prime example of that.

People always ask me about fashion and my clothes so I FINALLY felt led to share about that, which was exciting because I had been wanting to, but didn’t think it would turn over the same. Finding that balance of what you want to share and what’s valuable to your readers is something that I have found to be the most effective; it’s still something I’m learning, but the idea of something new each week is really resonating with me as I plan my blog content.

Evergreen Blog Content

I’ve talked about Evergreen content in several of my posts and it’s because I continue to reap the long term benefits of it. Evergreen content is anything that does well BEYOND the original post date. It’s content that people are actively searching for. Why is that important? You want to continue to draw people to your site and to whatever else it is you’re doing passively.

Evergreen content isn’t only limited to social media tips; what are people searching for in your niche that you have experience in and can create blog content around? What new thing are you trying that you can share blog content consistently around? If you’re feeling stuck and/or want to take a try at creating evergreen blog content, jump on Google or Pinterest and start searching things. How to style fur XYZ ways; ways to look expensive, 5 rooftop restaurants to try this summer, etc., there is no big secret to creating evergreen content, you just have to set up your blog content properly.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning your blog or if you’re 3 years in, you NEED to be providing evergreen content in some form or aspect for your blog.

*Bridal shower Recap, CLICK HERE

Are you struggling to figure out how to get organized with your blog?

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