5 Ways to Grow Your Newsletter

Growth is something we all seek no matter if its in our lives directly or our social channels and projects we’re working on. I’ve now shared 3 Reasons a Newsletter is Essential*, 5 Ways to Build Your Newsletter List* and today we’re getting to the growth aspect of it.

Growing your newsletter isn’t as hard as it seems as long as you’re providing the solution based content your audience desires. That said, I’m sharing 5 ways to grow your newsletter.

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5 Ways to Grow Your Newsletter

You Need a Landing Page/Opt-In

My landing page is my number one converter from reader to subscriber, so trust me when I say, you need a landing page. It works for me when I’m not online and who doesn’t want that passive method to grow your newsletter.

I discussed what a landing page is in 5 ways to build your newsletter. It is a one pager that uses emotionally driven language to promote a solution to your audience/readers. I will be very honest with you, I’m very proud of my landing page, but I did not know the level of turnover it would have for me. I did understand that the type of language I was using was speaking to my audience, but to this day, my biggest newsletter converter has been my landing page.

A landing page is a form of incentive and it works really well when you are correctly speaking to your audience. My landing page is how I came to realize the type of content my newsletter subscriber actually wants and needs and it is not the same as what is on my blog necessarily; that clarity is what elevates your newsletter content from general to exclusive. Anything exclusive, that has limited access is a great way to grow your newsletter.

Emotionally Driven, Solution Based Content

Emotions drive us and cause us to act or not act. Tapping into the emotions of your audience, by way of pain points or issues they are facing causes you to connect on a real level and that is where the organic growth of your newsletter and really anything else will come in.

I’m sure you have heard sayings like “Does this sound like you…” followed by something that speaks directly to you? That language is intentional because it’s causing you to think. Most of the time we experience this with money marketing/advertising. “How I Made $30K in 3 Months”, I bet you’re clicking on that link because who wouldn’t want to know how to make an extra $30k. That type of language confirms and/or triggers something in us that causes to act; causes us to seek out the answer.

The same is true with your newsletter. This isn’t some weird game or trick, but if you tap into the emotions of your potential subscriber, you’re sure to grow your newsletter. Below is an example from my actual landing page.

My landing page is called Comparison to Confidence. The language following says “Ready to get your confidence up? Tired of watching everyone level up around you? Subscribe to get the questions you need to begin your journey to confidence”. Why does that convert so well and help me grow my newsletter? It’s a trigger. A lot of people don’t feel confident, but they want to. A lot of people compare themselves to others, but they don’t want to. I’m offering something that will guide and/or lead that person in the direction of the confidence they are seeking. You have that same capability with your own value.

What does your audience come to you for? How could you better solve an issue in their life with your content? How can you use that content to grow your newsletter?

5 Ways to Grow Your Newsletter

Freebies and Workable Content

I saw a quote that said “when life gives you lemons, take em, free stuff is cool”. I loved that first of all, because free stuff is cool and people that follow you want free stuff too. You’re probably thinking, “I give them a ton of free stuff with my blog and social channels,” but the reality is people want to feel special and feel important.

EVERYTHING doesn’t need to be free and shouldn’t be free, but growing your newsletter and creating different types of freebies or content that your subscribers can actually work on is helpful. NOW, please understand that just because someone is subscribed or even wants what you have, there is no guarantee that they are going to take action, BUT still make the option available. It’s a continuous means to engage with your target audience and when that individual feels led to start, you still gave them a tool to move through that process.

There are a number of tools and programs to create printables and checklists. Everything from Canva, Canva Pro, to Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Promote Your Newsletter on Social Channels

Depending on how much traffic your website gets, it’s not enough to only hope people see it when they visit your website. When I began to grow and build my newsletter list, I started dropping hints about the goods in my Insta-captions, and speaking directly to my subscribers.

My intention is never to make anyone feel left out, but when people are hearing about things that they aren’t apart of, they naturally become a bit more curious and if they like what they hear/read/see and can benefit from it, you have converted your follower to a newsletter subscriber.

Make Your Content So Good They Won’t Unsubscribe

Your true tribe, while yes is on social media, is for sure your newsletter subscribers. I FELL OFF with my newsletter, two times and I’ve probably lost 2-3 subscribers in that absence. My engagement on my blog and outside of my newsletter is still good enough to keep people connected. It’s almost like they know I’m bound to drop something helpful at any moment and don’t want to miss out. Those that unsubscribed, it’s understandable, but they are also not my true tribe and that is okay.

If you continuously put out content of value that addresses your readers pain point and issues, you will always win with them even during a time where you might need some time off.

5 Ways to Grow Your Newsletter

Growth Won’t Happen Overnight

I also wanted to remind you that this is not an overnight process. Growth takes time, I’ve grown my list over the course of almost a 1 year period. I didn’t launch it right when I had the information, I had to design it, and get stuff set up, etc., so please keep these tips in mind for your continued, gradual growth. Do not be discouraged.

If you haven’t had a chance to read 3 Reasons A Newsletter is Essential or 5 Ways to Build Your Newsletter List, click the links!


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