5 Things I Learned from Blogging in 2019

I’ve been blogging for almost 2 years in November and I’m still so glad I decided to take the leap. Blogging has allowed me to express myself and my experiences in a way that is creatively fulfilling and truly rewarding. I love a good reflection moment and enjoy paying attention to the things I’ve picked up along the way especially because we tend to shift our focus to all of the things we haven’t gotten done. That said I’m sharing the 5 things I learned from blogging in 2019.

5 Things I Learned From Blogging in 2019

God Needs to Be at the Forefront

Blogging in 2019 has been different for me than I imagined it to be (compared to 2018). I shifted from talking just about personal things to really taking on the journey of sharing my tips, advice and perspective for influencer things. My productivity and confidence in what I’m sharing ALL directly relates to the amount of time I spend with God and I know that for a fact. The more I try, the more he gives me to share.

This year I had some really great blogging collaborations, some being paid, others covering the fee for certain things and I know that my desire to make that happen really measured up to how much I trusted and believed God. The less time I spend in the Word, the less discipline and confidence I had to put out things that I know could be helpful to SOMEONE. The more time I spend in the Word the more I’m given to share.

More God = More Fire Blogging Content In My World.

My Blogging Results Are Only As Good as My Actions

My results, how many views I get, how many people hear about my post, how many times I share it, are all dependent on my actions. Blogging isn’t easy, blogging can feel like the hardest thing ever, but if I want results, I have to take action. In order for me to take action I need a plan. In order for the plan to work, I need to at least try. If you aren’t trying you have to stop complaining about the results or lack thereof. I think the “you inspire me” comments are always nice, but like I ALWAYS SAY, me inspiring you is amazing, but if you aren’t going to take action then I’m just another source of inspiration.

You wanna get your blogging traffic and blogging views up? Get your posts up. You want to get to a certain number of followers, get your consistency up. The difference between myself, my success and the next person is how much action I’m taking. I took a break from blogging in July and August; September came around I realized the drop in views and attention on my website was not satisfactory to what I know it should and could be. I created a system (by way of the Influencer Business Plan) and got on top of blogging consistently for the whole month of September.

My blogging system has prepared me to go full force into October and the remainder of the year because now I’m not behind. As long as I keep working my system, I will continue to see the rewards and benefits of being consistent with my content.

A Blogging System is Necessary

Systems are put into place to help you (or others) move through a process in a more productive manner. Randomly deciding you’re going to blog on Sunday here and then Wednesday there is not effective unless you are being consistent with your actions. Blogging for me wasn’t hard, but having a system makes it that much easier. The blogging system I set up FOR MYSELF is broken down by days and the things I need to make sure I’m doing or have done in order to stay on track for a blog post weekly. I’m not going to break down my whole system in this post, but based on sharing what I do Wednesday-Friday, Friday-Sunday you can see how I am intentionally leading myself toward being prepared for my weekly post.


  • Launch New Blog Post by or Before 12 Noon* on Wednesday
  • Share Post to FB
  • Share Post to Pinterest
  • Begin Batch Drafts
  • Identify keyword/topic for post(s)
  • Identify solution/question being answered
  • Identify sections that will be covered
  • Begin Writing


  • Edit + Proofread
  • Shoot + Edit Stock Photos
  • Upload photos to media library

A blogging system will change your entire experience as well as begin to set you up with the discipline to do what you gotta do until you can do what you want to do. You need a system sis.

5 Things I Learned From Blogging in 2019

My Experience is ALWAYS Worthy of Being Shared

Imposter Syndrome when it comes to blogging (or creating in general) is very very real. Before I started sharing my experiences with influencer stuff and the tools I use, I used to feel like “who am I to share when there are experts already out there?”. I had to reframe my mindset and remind myself that what I share while blogging is simply my experience and expert or not, someone needs what I have to share, in the way in which I’m sharing it.

People are only going to believe me as much as I believe myself. I know for a fact that all of the things I’ve been blogging about have helped someone; I know because ya’ll tell me! I know based on the traffic, based on the views, based on the clicks. It is clear I’m helping somebody somewhere.

The other reason I love blogging my experiences is because someone that looks like me, may not have had, or may never have a chance to experience something I’ve been fortunate to encounter. Somebody deserves to know that they too can have and/or create the very experiences I’m apart of. Don’t ever feel like your experience is not worth being shared, because the more you share, the more you allow someone else to see something from your perspective and hear your wisdom regarding it.

All in all blogging is my baby and I cannot wait to add another year of blogging to my “resume”.

Value Is Worth More Than Nice Pictures

As someone who has been blogging just shy of 2 years, I’ve come to realize that value will last longer than nice pictures. You’re probably like, “okay coming from the girl who is all about an aesthetic”. I love great pictures they really do add to the experience, but being a pretty face who dresses good is not enough. I’d rather get less likes, but know that I’m actually providing helpful information then be complimented 24/7 with nothing else to offer.

This blogging and brand building game is a long one, the people I see that are still around are the ones who have provided value. Not only is providing value so important to the like, know, trust factor, but now when I meet people who have certain questions about something, I can actually give them insight. I’m inadvertently securing my spot as an expert in my field. The imposter syndrome isn’t as strong as it used to be because I have something to literally show for what I’ve done. All of these things play a roll in your overall brand.

It’s really exciting to be in this space; I’m not where I was a year ago and I’m not where I was the year before that and as I continue to press forward it becomes more and more exciting to see where God will take me. I had all of these ideas of what 2019 would look like as far as blogging, but I’m glad I didn’t stick to my plan because God’s is so much better and honestly way cooler!

Happy 2 Year Blog-a-versary to myself. Thanks for rocking with me! I hope you’re still here when I’m celebrating 5 and 10 years.

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