What Do Bloggers Do Daily?

What do bloggers do daily? What bloggers do compared to what people think we do is quite different. This post is inspired by my girl Nic Mora who recently wrote a post called What Does a Blogger Do All Day? It was so relatable and pretty much spot on for what the lives of a blogger are ACTUALLY like.

I also wanted to use this post to share more about my day to day and what that really looks like because it’s not all glamour, photo shoots and free products. Today I’m sharing a day in the life of a blogger.
*This is my day to day, my life, this is not the daily life of all bloggers.

What People Think Bloggers Do

Based on my feed and based on the reaction I get, most people don’t even know I have a full time job. My audience that recently joined me or doesn’t know my day to day usually thinks I’m living my best life (and I am), but that doesn’t mean I’m just out here chillin’ in these streets. I definitely go to work and a have a full life outside of blogging. I’m also right in the middle of wedding planning.

After asking my audience what they thought bloggers did I got a few answers back:

  • Plan content for the month
  • Strategize, email, plan and follow up.
  • Attend events and brunch
  • Have an actual photographer for most occassions/shoots

These are all good answers, but let me tell you what I actually do.

What I Actually Do

As a blogger there is a lot that goes on, a lot to keep up with and a bunch of moving parts. I personally make the goal to just stay on track everyday. As long as I stay on track I’m consistently moving forward. My goal is to get as much done one day at a time. If I wrote it down in my planner, the goal is to get it done.

Most of my time is spent writing and editing blog posts, editing photos, thinking of new content ideas, sourcing inspiration, creating captions beyond the standard song lyric, engaging on social media, answering emails, seeing what brand partnership opportunities are available and the like.

I don’t want to admit that I’m a bit obsessed, but I really do enjoy doing what I do with my blog and my website.

The most important thing that I do is help solve problems. I didn’t know where my blogging and content would go or what direction it would lead me, but I knew I wanted my blog to be more that just me talking at people. My greatest accomplishment has been helping people on their brand and self building journey, giving tips, advice and suggestions for improvements and sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained.

What MY Day to Day Looks Like: 

Part I:

  • Wake up between 6:15AM-6:30AM
  • Wash my face-Start my hair-Start my makeup
  • Let my dog out + get her food ready
  • Get dressed
  • Shoot content SOMETIMES
  • Grab my breakfast and lunch and leave the house by 8:15AM

Part II:

  • GO TO WORK from 9-5 (surprise I have a 9-5)!
  • At work I usually:    
  • Work on Blog Posts, newsletters and any written content 
  • Work on Instagram captions   
  • Post and engage on Instagram   
  • Pitch myself to brands and/or search out opportunities on influencer platforms 
  • Answer emails   
  • Voice message co-founders/team for events

Part III:

  • Leave work; and then depending on what day it is   
  • Walk my dog   
  • Phone call (Tuesday)   
  • Bible study (Tuesday + Thursday)   
  • Shoot content (Weekdays, Weekends)   
  • Prepare content ideas   
  • Unbox (Weekdays, Weekends)  
  • Write blog content


  • Church   
  • Rest   
  • Hang with friends   
  • Shoot content   
  • Rest
  • Attend events
  • Brunch
  • Dog Park

If you thought I ate brunch every day and looked cute all the time, my life hasn’t evolved to that point YET, it’s on the way though. I’m practicing with all of the events and brunches I go to.

What You Might Not Have Realized

Bloggers don’t start off making a ton of money right away. People always want to know how to monetize your blog and how to make money from affiliate links and while yes it is certainly possible, it can take a good amount of time before it really becomes full time.

The first thing I remember hearing from my girl Nic Mora was do not quit your day job. If you have a source of income and can use that to invest in yourself and build your brand, content, etc., keep your job until it is the right time to leave. If anything your job is your investor while you build and work things out.

My job is helping me pay for merch samples and subscriptions for services I use that are beneficial to the products I’m making; I think we expect those things to happen right away and they take time. Just because one girl is killing it with affiliate links doesn’t mean that will work for you or for your audience.

Bloggers while yes collab and do a lot of dope things, spend a lot of time, well I’ll speak for myself, I spend a lot of time buried in technology. From work to working after the fact, it’s not always easy to pry myself away from my phone or my computer, but I’m doing what I have to do now so I can do what I want to do later.

Each bloggers day to day is different, but I’m so glad my girl Nic Mora wrote her post about it, remember to check it out here What Does a Blogger Do All Day?


  1. Courtney April 10, 2019 / 6:13 am

    I am just starting my blog and I love this post!!! I love the tips, definitely not quitting the day job yet! I too am a bit obsessed with my blog and it’s not yet that developed. Your pictures are amazing and I can’t wait to dig deeper into your content!

    • Jazmyn
      April 16, 2019 / 10:34 pm

      This makes me SO happy Courtney! I’m so glad you stopped by and I can literally feel your energy through your comment, it’s so good to be this fired up about it even before it is developed because that is what will push you through when times get tough! So glad we connected, keep in touch, would love to support you on your journey!

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