6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

The goal has always been to drive traffic to your blog or website. I’ve mentioned this before, but your blog and website is more important than social media because you own it. The goal should be to draw your ideal audience in via social media, but ultimately get them to your website where they will stick around and have a reason to return. There is no need to worry about an algorithm or if your blog or website is being seen because it stands on its own, but you should be making strides and efforts to get your blog seen as much as possible.

Today  I’m sharing 6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog. 

6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Blog Titles 

You’re doing yourself a disservice if you aren’t carefully choosing the titles for your blog posts. The reason you need to pay more attention to this because someone somewhere is searching for what you are writing about, but if your title isn’t something that can be picked up by Google or other search engines, your content is getting lost.

Your titles should indicate that you have the answers to help solve a problem. Lists, Guides and How To’s are a perfect way to drive traffic to your blog. It doesn’t matter how many times the subject has been written about, you have your own experience and your own way of learning or handling said subject and that is what you should be sharing with your audience.


SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is huge when it comes to driving traffic to your blog. When I first started blogging I used to get so frustrated at the fact that my content wasn’t SEO ready. I was frustrated, but wasn’t making the moves to improve it so I was posting anyway and not getting the type of traction I wanted. It wasn’t until I improved my blog titles that I realized what I was lacking as far as SEO in the actual post. Your blog titles should have a keyword and that keyword should act as the driver/main point of your post.

Your goal is to create content that is being searched for so that way when someone anywhere in the world searches for that type of content, your website, blog post, social channels or photo pops up. I refuse to make a blog post public if the SEO isn’t a go.

Thanks to plug-ins like Yoast for WordPress, I’m able to see if my keyword is properly distributed in my content which makes it easier for it to show up when being searched for therefore causing traffic to be driven to my blog. If you’re not sure what type of content you should be writing about 1. Poll your audience and 2. Use google to see what people are searching for as it pertains to your niche and what you talk about.

6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Website Design

People like pretty things. That is what it boils down to. When I started Daily Dose of Luxury my blog was on WIX and while the site wasn’t fugly, it was very user UN-friendly. People didn’t want to read my blog or visit my site simply because it wasn’t mobile friendly and if they attempted to read it via their mobile devices it was too much work them. People shouldn’t HAVE TO read your blog or site on the computer, if they want to that’s fine, but a mobile friendly site is very important these days.

The moment I switched back to WordPress, switched everything over to a minimal user-friendly site, my site traffic nearly doubled almost instantly. Everything that you create or set up should have the purpose of making it easy if not easier for your readers and your audience. Something as simple as a design change and properly distributed SEO has me breaking 1,000 views a month.

When you look at your site do you want to read it? Can you read it from your phone or does everything seem to fall apart all because you’re viewing it from your mobile device?

Newsletter / Email List

What’s more important than social media AND your website combined? Your email list. Most of us are subscribed to a million newsletters and don’t realize that those same newsletters are the reason why we find out about sales, receive coupons or get the latest news for the things we like. It seems so effortless and almost subconscious because we subscribe to so much, but just like brands blow us up, you should be creating exclusive content and building a list of subscribers.

Your subscribers eventually become your customers and are usually your loyal, ride or dies. I used to dread creating a newsletter and email list because I didn’t feel like I had anything exclusive or special to share, but I realized after being apart of The Influencer Academy that it was very important and extremely pivotal to my growth as well as driving traffic to my blog/website.

6 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Products / Services

If you have something to sell, something that you offer and solutions to help your audience, you need to be sharing what those things are which in turn drives traffic to your blog. Once people like, know and trust you, they begin to seek out other ways that you can help them. The more value you provide on your site or blog, the easier it is to convert your audience into customers and the easier it is to draw traffic to your blog.

I used to be terrified to offer anything for payment, I have no idea why, but at the end of the day your thoughts and the time you spend creating something isn’t for free. You can provide free content by way of your social channels, blog or even newsletter, but at some point you need be charging for all of the knowledge you’re sharing. I love to respond to DM’s and answer questions, but I also am not a library where you can get free information from. I’m getting my coins in 2019 and beyond and so should you.

Promote your products and services, include the link in your bio and/or newsletters and intentionally drive traffic to your blog.

Intentional Content

As a content creator, blogger or whatever you like to call yourself, there is going to be content that is purely about you and your 1-off experience with something. The thing about that type of content is someone would have to be searching for that specifically in order for it to be seen.

Instead focus on creating intentional content that will live beyond when you share it. People will ALWAYS need information on certain things such as growing their following on Instagram, starting a blog, hair tutorials, restaurant guides, etc. The content you create isn’t just about you, it’s to help someone else solve a problem that they are struggling with. If you’re blogging purely for hobby then feel free to do what you want, but if you are wanting this to become a full time thing, you must become intentional with your content which in return drives traffic to your blog.

If you only create content that you want to read, you’re losing out on a whole lot of traffic every single day.



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