6 Reasons to Use Influencer Platforms

I’ve been an influencer for just over a year and I have had quite the amount of collaborations. Outside of brands reaching out to me directly a lot of my collaborations and partnerships have come from using Influencer Platforms. There are a good amount of you that know what they are because you use them and then there are the rest of you who have no idea what I’m even talking about. I’m sharing 6 reasons to Use Influencer Platforms.


What Is an Influencer Platform?

An influencer platform is a site that works with brands to create opportunities for influencers of all levels.

You may have heard of Fohr, Heartbeat, Join Palm or Octoly as well as plenty of others; these types of sites are how I personally have been able to secure collaborations outside of brands reaching out directly.

Works On Your Behalf

Influencer platforms serve as the go to place for influencers/creators to connect with brands. You create a profile, link your social channels, link to work that you have done and brands that you have collaborated with and the platform does its best to connect you with the right brand collaborations that fit. I get a constant flow of emails with opportunities and while I don’t always accept everything, I’m so grateful for EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY.

Most influencer platforms have some sort of analytics; the very basic is your engagement rate, number of followers and average number of comments. Some influencer platforms go as far as telling you how many fake followers you have (in case you still think they brands won’t find out about fake followers), the brands your audience loves, what hashtags your audience uses most etc.

Helps You Grow Your Brand Credibility

In the beginning of your influencer journey, these platforms allow you to kick start that brand and social proof that you need for other brands to consider you. Some of the opportunities that are made available to you may not be what you are looking for and instead of being discouraged, use that as a sign that maybe there is something you can tighten up on.

Me not being selected by Fohr for the freshman class felt like the end of the world but the reality of it is, I gotta work harder. Period. It’s also super helpful to use Influencer Platforms at the start of your journey because you want to build your media kit and having collaborations under your belt is helpful for your own credibility.

Helps You Set Actionable Goals

There are some influencer platforms that have requirements. If a platform has requirements they usually involve follower count, content type, a specific platform or even location. One platform that I use has a 5,000 follower count minimum; another has a requirement that all of the content you create must be your own meaning there cannot be one single piece of content that isn’t yours. There are some platforms that are based on location, you must live in the UK or in Canada, it is different for each site so it is important that you pay attention and do your research.

If you’re just beginning it may be frustrating that there are requirements, but think of it as a way to set actionable and measurable goals to help get you to the point of being accepted. Brands have their own requirements and some platforms align with that so they too can work with specific brands. So don’t quit.

I will be releasing my list of influencer platforms that I currently use and recommend to my newsletter subscribers and I’m not going to put them on the blog so make sure you subscribe now, so you don’t miss out.

Paid Opportunities and Product Opportunities

Payment depends on the platform, there are some influencer platforms that strictly do product only because it actually gives creators more incentive to go after what they actually like, not what will pay the most. At the beginning, product only without payment is super helpful because you want that brand proof. It doesn’t mean you can’t be paid or shouldn’t ask for payment, but definitely start with where you are and then go from there. I personally use a mix of both and if anything the goal is to get on the brands radar which could lead to a long term relationship. I only take unpaid collaborations for brands that I REALLY want to work with.

Some influencer platforms start you out with a rate and then as your following grows your rate increases; other platforms will ask for a double post; that usually means the first post is free (the product is the payment) and the second post, along with the product will be paid. I have used a few platforms where price is dependent on the brand itself; you have to bid and submit yourself at a rate that is within their specified budget. There is one platform that allows you to create packages that have a price attached to them and if the brand feels like you’re a good fit, they will pay for that package. The variety is real.

I have a really dope resource that I picked up from an event I attended and I too will be sharing that with my newsletter subscribers so again don’t miss out ya’ll, it will never be seen on this blog.

Encourages You to Be Picky

You’re probably thinking, what does this have to do with anything? You are your brand, you are building something for others who come to you. If you say yes to every single brand collaboration, be it for money or for free stuff and it doesn’t resonate or connect with your audience you are going to set yourself up, not for failure, but as someone who appears to be confused, unclear on their brand and quite frankly not authentic.

Your collaborations should reflect who you are, what you stand for and whatever else you are promoting in your space. The first thing I learned while using these platforms is not to say yes to everything. If you want to, that is your own business, but it will not benefit you in the long run, or maybe it will depending on what your motives and goals are. Quality over quantity is always my suggestion.

Each Platform Has Different Opportunities

I have not seen the same opportunities across platforms and that is my main reason for joining so many. Each influencer platform has it’s own connections and brands that it aligns with. Certain platforms are more food based, or always connect with certain stores; other platforms are aligned with more high end brands, dream brands. Platforms like Fohr are used and searched out by PR companies, so each platform has it’s own thing and if it works best for you, stick with it.

Influencer platforms, regardless of level are super helpful because at least you can always be working or always connecting and building that relationship. These platforms are especially helpful for people who don’t live in major cities but crave that same connection and collaboration. As you grow, you will be more comfortable venturing out and pitching yourself and may end up securing long term partnerships.

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