Blogging: 4 Favorite Instagram Tools

Let’s talk Instagram! From staying organized, down to how I decide which picture goes after another, I’m sharing the few tools I use on a regular basis to organize and curate my Instagram feed.

If you read my post 5 Favorite Blogging Tools you already know that I like to keep it simple as far as apps and organization. I try to use tools that make working from anywhere easy because my inspiration comes on the fly.

I have a healthy obsession with my feed and spend a lot of time looking at it OVERALL, not just picture by picture. If you’re not looking at the overall look of your feed it won’t tell your story or flow properly. I can literally start from my latest picture, scroll to the very bottom of my feed and it will all make sense and tell a story.*See second photo What is listed in my bio matches what I’m sharing. That said check out my 4 Favorite Instagram Tools.


UN UM is a mobile Instagram planning app that allows you to see how photos will look before you post. This is the one tool that I have been using since Day 1. There is no big secret around it. I use UN UM because it’s free and it has worked perfectly. This is the “SECRET” to my put together Instagram feed. You can drag and drop, draft, add your caption and hashtags, everything. It’s a great tool for Instagram planning.

*Tip for a better look: High Quality Photos


Pixlr is a photo editing tool available online and via mobile app. Pixlr is the tool I currently use for my photo editing / filter. I also use VSCO, but currently Pixlr has what I need. I’ve used Afterlight and a number of other photo editing apps but the look I was going for moving forward didn’t seem as achievable with those tools.

If you are looking for a specific vibe I would suggest VSCO.


Unfold is a Instastory planning tool used to make your stories and photos look more aesthetically pleasing. Unfold uses minimal frames, designs and fonts that allow you to tell your story in a unique way.

I literally read about Unfold in an article that came in through Google Alerts. My original story templates were Photoshop files that I purchased and had to create in advance and while it was nice, it didn’t feel real because I was trying to create things based on what I was hoping would happen instead of being able to be in the moment and still make my stories look nice.

This tool isn’t for everyone. Stories is meant to be light and relaxed and not so formal, but I’m into the experience and I want my stories to be just as much a part of the experience as my regular feed. If you have no interest in spending extra time on your stories, uploading your videos or photos into another app or anything other than what’s required of you on Instagram (WHICH IS FINE) then this is may not be the app for you.

*TIP: Your storage will fluctuate; creating videos uploading them and then re-downloading will take up space. Nothing deleting can’t fix.


Repost is an app that lets you repost other users photos directly to Instagram. When people repost a picture and the tag of the person it came from is anywhere on the photo, that’s this particular tool. I paid for this app like a year or two ago because I got tired of seeing the tag and that is one of the reasons I still have it.

I stopped using it for a bit because I wanted to create so much of my own content that I didn’t need to Repost anyone else’s and that all came with starting this blog. 99.2% of my pictures are all my own. There are some days where I don’t have a particular photo to post and if I have something saved or something that caught my eye a while back that fits my brand and feed I will repost it.

*TIP: While this app is helpful in re-posting content from others, try to create your own content most of the time. It is a lot easier in the long run. You won’t have to wait for someone else to make a move if you make your own first.

There are so many tools available to us, but these are the ones that work really well for me. What are some of your favorite tools to manage Instagram?

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