Blogging: 5 Favorite Blogging Tools

I love blogging; I love finding new ways to write and bring you all along for the story of my life. In order to make those things happen though I like to have certain tools in place to make things easier for me. This is a quick post sharing my 5 Favorite Blogging Tools.


Blogging like anything can be a lot of work; thank goodness for technology and other resources that make it just a bit easier. One of my go to resources that I definitely cannot live without is Evernote. Evernote is a digital note-taking type of platform that has a cloud like feature available on any device where you can create notebooks with information behind them. This is where all of my writing magic happens. I used to like writing my blogs out, but honestly it wasn’t easy to edit in that way.

I’ve been using Evernote for almost 2 or 3 years now and it is an easy on the go way for me to access my blog posts, current or in progress; I can access my running list of ideas, add on the go, check things off and keep it moving.  I could write my blog posts out using any type of program, but to be able to see my list of notes while I work on other pieces simultaneously is really dope AND helpful for me.

The other reason I love Evernote and digital resources for blogging is because I’m not about to carry around the gazillion worksheets I printed. That gives me anxiety. I like to have what I need and nothing else.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is essential because instead of having a separate content calendar, I can add everything into one place and post accordingly. I’m all about functionality and ease, I need to be able to see what I need at any given time. On the weekends, unless I have a work session, I don’t carry around a physical notebook and I don’t carry my planner.

If I need to write something down it will go into my Notes app if it needs to be super quick. If I have a moment to get my thoughts out, I use Evernote. I also love tools that I can access anywhere because it encourages me to practice living my dream life which includes working remotely anywhere in the world.

5 Blogging Tools

Google Drive

G Suite is just exceptionally helpful in my opinion. Google Drive is where I keep blog photos, my media kit, rate card, anything influencer related, etc. I need access to all of these things at a moments notice. If I need to shoot over a quick email,  I can do it from my phone and not always need to be at my personal computer.

It’s the easiest way for me to access photos without having to download everything to my phone; keeps my camera roll de-cluttered. This is also how I can get posts for Instagram and my blog done while at work.

Stock Photos

I’ve reduced the amount of stock photos I share on my feed, but I still love and swear by them. I have a whole blog post about 5 Tips for Using Stock Photos. Stock Photos are helpful for blogging because they create a cohesive look. I infuse personal photos onto my blog, but to have solid, clean and crisp photos available for my blogging needs is really helpful.

Iphone – 8 Plus

If you aren’t using your phone for blogging, recording videos or creating content on the go, you are missing out! In a world of DSLR’s and fancy set ups you don’t NEED a camera. My 8 plus works great for a lot of photos. I also don’t have to feel obligated to carry my camera around everywhere. If you cant afford a camera but can afford to upgrade your phone consider that as an option for now. You don’t have to do too much to get started or to keep things going.

I don’t use a whole lot of tools; I use a few really good tools that work best for multiple areas in my life not just one. I’m simple, I’m a minimalist, having less to access or worry about is what helps with my organization and sanity.

Do you have any useful blogging tools? Share them with me in the comments!


  1. Kaari August 22, 2018 / 8:54 pm

    Oh my god I loved this! And am completely obsessed with you and your blog!

    • Jazmyn
      August 22, 2018 / 9:12 pm

      Aw thank you so much Kaari!! I really appreciate it boo!

  2. paige August 22, 2018 / 9:07 pm

    such a helpful post, i definitely need to try evernote! x

    • Jazmyn
      August 22, 2018 / 9:13 pm

      Thanks Paige! It took a little getting used to at first, but it really becomes super easy and it’s free.

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