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My girls and I survived Beautycon. Beautycon was a 2 day beauty festival/experience held at the LA Convention Center. The mission behind Beautycon is to “challenge traditional standards and redefine what beauty means” and I feel like they did that very well. There were over 200 brands present, they had pink carpets, a main stage, a second stage and a whole lot of makeup and beauty lovers in between.

I went Saturday and let me just say I was really excited. By now if you’re reading this, hopefully you had a chance to listen to my initial review over on my IG TV. If not, make sure you’re following me HERE to make sure you listen to my immediate thoughts. I feel like I should clarify that I had a good time, I didn’t think the experience of BeautyCon as a whole was bad, at all. It was a great event, great experience, the brands involved were great, even though I personally would have liked to see others, but overall as a whole it was a good time.


Initial Beautycon Review Re-Cap

In my review on IG TV, my only main “issues” were the brands present, flow, and line cutting.

I mentioned that I wish other brands were there and I also want to clarify that is no discredit to the brands that were present. I peeped the line up as far as brands, so it wasn’t uncommon for the major brands (Anastasia Beverly Hills, MAC Costmetics, etc.) to be there, I just didn’t feel like it was worth standing in line for those brands when I could go get them on a regular day. There were independent brands there, brands that I have worked with and/or received product from and I’m happy they were there too, but I just hoped (not that it’s Beautycon’s fault) that there would be others. Of course I don’t know the full scope or how it works, but it’s simply my opinion.

As far as the flow goes, I do realize that there were hundreds of thousands of people and really the crowd wasn’t my issue. I would never want to feel rushed by a brand or moved along, BUT the lines were long and I feel like each team should have discussed flow better. If a customer is asking questions for longer than 30 minutes or unsure, there should have been another way to assist them OR maybe a team member could have walked around with some of the items in a makeup belt bag and swatch on the guests as they wait. I personally feel like this would have helped people figure out what the heck they wanted. This particularly happened at Lime Crime and I’m glad we had a chance to see what the products were about in real time and in person, but it was a bit ridiculous. I also feel like it wouldn’t have taken as long if people didn’t cut the line.

Line cutting calls for immediate side eye especially if you know we have all been waiting forever. It’s one thing for your girl friend who ran to the restroom to hop in line, but when you let 6-8 people jump in a already long line, you’re just being disrespectful. This also happened at Lime Crime. For some reason the young lady that worked with them wasn’t paying attention and this whole group of girls cut in with their friend, aunt, whomever and it was super frustrating. Don’t be that person. Side Note: When we were heading in after standing in a long line, this guy tried to cut the line and this girl called him out something viscous. She literally screamed “We have a line cutter” and I never felt more proud of a stranger than I did that day!

K Town Florals #Beautycon

Suggestions and Tips for Attending in the Future


Arrive earlier than the doors open. The line was super long, BUT it moved rather quickly once you started to get around. Security was present and doing their jobs well so it didn’t seem like we needed to be concerned about anything. I did appreciate the metal detectors and all of that stuff being inside because it was too hot for it to be outside.

Dress Code

There is no dress code, you get to dress how you want, fish nets, mini skirts, sweat pants, tennis shoes whatever. I’m all about dressing cute so I’m for sure not hating on anyone that went super glammed up, BUT I would suggest wearing comfortable shoes unless you are going VIP. There is A LOT of walking, which isn’t the worst in heels, but there is also A LOT of standing, which is the worst in heels. My feet were hurting in my comfy Adidas so I know there were plenty of young ladies hurting in their heels.


If you want to get all of the products from brands without shopping too much or standing in any lines, I would highly suggest VIP or Hauler tickets. VIP had early entry, got to take photos (brands had photo installations) and got to basically explore in peace and then leave when all of GA was just arriving.

I actually didn’t mind the buzz of being in GA, I feel like it made the experience real because I got a chance to really see and look at everyone and see all of their beauty looks which was actually pretty dope! One thing I love about makeup is everyone’s interpretation of it. So that part was fun.


Prepare to be overwhelmed. The moment you walk in, it’s a lot to take in, you’re all excited and ready to see whose there and what their booth looks like, what the freebies are etc. I was extremely overwhelmed initially and that was why I decided not to try to post my stories during the event, too much going on.

Limecrime #Beautycon

Freebies & Gifts

If you are going to Beautycon strictly for freebies, be prepared to put in work. This is literally the one thing that stopped me from participating. If you stood inline you got a chance to get the freebies or samples being given away. If you wanted an upgraded gift (bag, chance to win something, etc.), you needed to post the photo that they just took of you to your stories or gram and tag them AND show them in order to get this upgraded gift.

AS AN INFLUENCER this did not work for me, I spend too much time on my feed to just upload a photo just to get a prize. I don’t know if any other influencers felt that way, but for me it was a big no. Service is already shotty inside of the convention center so I personally was not going to spend my time uploading to the gram every place I went, JUST FOR a free bag or gift. If I wasn’t an influencer it would be more attractive to me as I imagine it was for most that don’t get to collaborate or interact with brands on a day to day basis.

Backdrops, Neon Signs, Photo Installations & Insane Booths

If you want some great content, Beautycon would be a great place to go. Ya’ll know I love talking content and that was what I decided I would focus on. Brands like Lime Crime, MAC, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Olay and others had amazing booths, photo installations and back drops to gram. I appreciate, especially from an influencer stand point that they went out of their way to show up and show out. Lime crime had a super dope cherry inspired vibe, there was one booth that was literally like a glamping site (most of this is on my story highlights under Events), there was a ton of great photo opportunities.

Target was also a super dope booth, I was a bit surprised with them, I know they have been making changes to their stores and clothes etc., so to see their booth was dope. I appreciated that they had a open walk in type of booth which helped keep their lines short. They had 2 photo installations and one make up activation and really did a good job of keeping things flowing. Probably one of my favorite booths.


Shopping was good, not all booths had discounts or specials. It really just depended on the particular brand. Kylie Cosmetics didn’t, she probably hit her billionaire status just based on Beautycon and her summer line launching alone. I bought this super yummy honey scrub from a Black Owned business called Honey Skincare and I bought a ton of lippies from Lime Crime which I’m so excited about. I literally did not want to shop at any place that I could go to the mall and shop at, that was how my girls and I decided to narrow down where we were going to go. Now thinking about it, even if, we wanted to go to the other brands, it is best to choose up because if you don’t you will be there all day. I highly suggest going only to the places you want for times sake, UNLESS you go VIP.

Overall, I feel blessed to live in a city where events like this happen, would I go again, probably, only because my mom actually wants to go next time. I love makeup and beauty, but unless the deals are super fire, I probably will just continue to buy what I want outside of the festival. I think it’s a great thing to experience, but I am quite happy it is all over.

Did any of you go to Beautycon? Tell me what you thought in the comments!

DJ Booth #Beautycon
Limecrime Booth #Beautycon
Target Booth #Beautycon
Limecrime Goodies #Beautycon
Target Florals #Beautycon

Make up By Mario #BeautyCon

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