Blogging: Why I Decided to Get An Agent

A few months ago I wrote a blog post called Blogging: 8 Tips to Start and Maintain Your Blog and Influencer Journey . The last thing I covered in the post was the question, Do I Have an Agent? as that was a question I got asked enough times to decide to address it.

In March, when I wrote that post, I did not have an agent and I didn’t even have anyone in mind that I would want to be my agent. I had come across a few agencies and while it looked like their clients were flourishing, to be honest none of their clients looked like me and I was already kind of ‘meh’ about that fact. I also didn’t have an agent at that time because I felt like I wasn’t in the position to need one.

Fast forward a few months later I joined an Influencer Academy, I started investing in myself and my blog a bit more and during my moments of engaging on social media, I stumbled upon the page of a gorgeous young lady who had recently done a sponsorship with Southwest. In that exact post, she had tagged The Presley Group (our agency). Me being curious especially because they were associated with said post, I stumbled upon their Instagram and the rest is history.

I decided to get an agent because I was immediately drawn to the fact that they specifically represent influencers of color. That was huge for me especially because a lot of the agencies I had come across didn’t have one person, on their instagram feed or client list that looked like me. Not even one for show. I knew who some of their clients were just because of the clout they already have, but in my mind it was like “how can you help a black, micro-influencer like me?”. So to be connected with two black women agents (also attorneys) who have my best interest at heart and have their own set of goals as far as the black influencer/blogger it was a no-brainer as far as deciding to work with them long term.

Now I realize all of that sounds like I just hit them up and asked them to be my agent. It doesn’t work like that. I liked them, but they needed to see what I brought to the table and how I present myself. They had to decide if I would be a good fit for their current relationships and future ones. This isn’t a “I made it” post by any means, but I do feel like I bring something to the table and the hard work and investment is beginning to pay off.

I’ve made incredible connections just from being linked to them and I even found out that we are connected through others that I know as well so I know I’m in good hands. I’m really happy that I didn’t rush into getting an agent initially, because I probably would not be as happy as I am now. Having an agent at this point is really important to MY influencer and blogging journey. I’m very serious about this and want to continue to make a difference and break the mold of this industry.

All of that said if you’re reading this and you are on your own journey of blogging and influencing, my advice for considering an agent or even considering my agency is to first grow, get your ish together, and make sure you’re REALLY ready. I didn’t feel ready in March, my new website wasn’t done, there were a number of things I personally felt needed to be in place before I approached the situation. Also just because you have the option to reach out and be considered, it doesn’t mean you will be a fit. At the end of the day having an agent is about having a relationship and while you may be successful, or have things in place it doesn’t mean that the relationship is right.

I wanted to update you all and I hope this gives you a little insight on how much can change in a matter of a few months (on your own respective journey), but also how serious this journey to getting an agent was. Lastly, ALWAYS do what is best for YOU and YOUR brand.

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