Blogging: 5 Ways to Create Content

“I need more content” – Bloggers, Business Owners, Creatives, anyone using their Instagram for Business

If you had a chance to read my post Blogging: 8 Tips to Start and Maintain Your Blog and Influencer Journey one of the questions I answered was how much time do I dedicate to creating content? My answer is still the same. Creating content is an ongoing thing; it doesn’t stop. The reason why bloggers/creatives or those you follow seem like they never run out of content is because essentially they don’t. Photo shoots, product shots or anything that relates directly to your brand is something you should always be making an effort to create content around.

If you’ve been following me for a little bit you can expect certain types of content. You’ll usually see content involving nature, shoes/fashion, food, events or some type of lifestyle moment; anything that relates to my brand story is what I make sure I create content around. I know we should live in the moment and creating content should never get to the point that you literally cannot enjoy a moment, but I’ll go as far as saying, you’re doing yourself a disservice by not creating content that relates to your brand when it is everywhere! There are no more excuses!

Creating content doesn’t have to be an all day thing. When I attend events, I get there early so I can create content before it gets crowded and busy. When I go out to eat, I create content before we order, while we wait and when our food arrives. Sometimes I just want the food shot and nothing else, it all depends on what is around me or what my intent for that capture is. Events that I attend put on my by agency, I politely excuse myself if the moment is right and go create content.

Get Clear About Your Content

Taking things back to square one for a bit, I truly believe that people have a hard time creating content because they aren’t clear about what type of content they need to create. What is your niche? What is your area of expertise? What story does your brand tell? If you’re a fashion blogger and you’ve decided you want to share looks, products, swatches and beauty events, then that is what you should be making an effort to create.

My brand story consists of luxury lifestyle photos involving nature, fashion, events, food and beauty. These are the broad areas and then I’ve broken them down; for beauty, I’m going to post flatlays of beauty products. For fashion, outfit details, shoes and some accessories. For nature, palm trees and plants and flowers, etc. So my tip for anyone reading this, figuring out how to create more content comes when you first get clear about what type you need to create, and break it down from there.

Have A Photo Shoot (or 2)

I have a whole blog post sharing 5 Reasons to Have a Photo Shoot  so I won’t go into too much depth here, but the bottom line is, a photo shoot is a sure way to have enough content to last for at minimum a month. If you roll your photos out with intention and strategy, you should have plenty of things to post. I always reference the Chanel Beauty House pop up because I for sure took about 200+ photos that day, WITH THE INTENT OF rolling gorgeous photos out as it felt right for my feed and brand story.

Please understand that just because you take photos doesn’t mean you have to post them right away. I know in this day in age, we feel this urgency to get it to the ‘gram right away, but I’ll go ahead and tell on myself and most bloggers/creatives, MOST of our content and photos are not from the day that we post them. There are times where I take a photo and post it that same day, but majority of our content is pre-shot, pre-planned, ready to go.

Spend A Day Creating

Since I have a full time job, I’m not in a position to spend all day creating. After work and weekends it’s a whole different story though. Carve out a day in your calendar once a week if not more often, depending on your schedule, and spend a good 2-3 hours creating content. When the lighting is spot on and you have the time, that is the perfect moment to create. If you need to create product shots, get all of the products you need to shoot and spend that time. Once you feel that you have enough shots for said product you can move to the next thing.

Make A List of Places to Visit

Since I changed my aesthetic, filter, website and everything in between, my strategy had to change. I came up with a list of places that I need to go that align with the type of content I create. There are certain places that are made ‘for the gram’ so I spent an hour or two researching places that I could go to do just that. Are there any cute little shops or restaurants or store fronts in your area? Are you staying at a hotel in a few weeks? Come up with places that you can go to create what you need. These little things are what set people apart from each other. If you’re always creating on the fly, it will always feel thrown together.

Create A Content Calendar

A content calendar is exactly what it sounds like, a calendar to lay out what you plan to post and/or what type of content you should be posting on what day. If you have an idea of what you should be posting for every day of the week, creating becomes a bit easier. When you’re out and about you know what things to look for. Monday may be a quote, Tuesday may be involve a travel tip, etc.

At the end of the day you can do this, but you have to be disciplined. You have the power to create your dream life and it can start with the things you create. I always say this isn’t easy, but I never tell you it’s impossible. 


  1. Tasha Battle July 26, 2018 / 4:32 pm

    I will definitely use the tips you suggested! I’m working on planning my content ahead when it comes to pictures bc I’m not really a picture person but I know i need it to improve my blog and instagram

    • Jazmyn
      July 26, 2018 / 5:10 pm

      I’m so glad to hear that Tasha! The one thing that used to hold me back was being afraid to be the face of my brand and be in front of the camera, with practice you will definitely work it out and come up with a plan that works best for you. Can’t wait to see your growth!

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