May Affirmations

“May this month be more prosperous, fulfilling and rewarding than the last. May you be connected to those ready to push you to the next level. May your calendar be full of things you love, things you’re passionate about and things you’re trying for the first time.” – Me

I don’t know about everyone else, but I have been riding this wave of the unknown and really letting God lead me. There are so many amazing things brewing that don’t make sense in my mind, but I know who is behind it all so I know it will all continue to be amazing in the end.

I hope you truly believe in your heart that you can be and do exactly what you want to do in order to flourish. Taking control over your thoughts and mind can seem really daunting, but it’s worth the effort. It doesn’t mean it will be perfect everyday, but the more you do it the better it gets.

I acknowledge all that I am, instead of all that I am not

I surround myself with people who get it and get me

I am fueled by my passion; that’s what keeps me going

I believe in the person that I am becoming

I have the courage to show up, even when I’m scared

I am only focusing on what I want to grow

I am enough

I have the freedom and power to create the life I desire

I am celebrating all of my victories, no matter the size

I am no longer available to doubt

I give myself credit for how far I have come

I owe it to myself to become everything I’ve ever dreamed of being

I will celebrate my life regardless of my current circumstances

I’ve been given gifts and talents that only I can execute

I am taking a chance on myself and my dreams

I am different; I was meant to stand out

I am going to be sent places and involved in things that I may not feel qualified to be involved with; I will go anyway

Good things take time; including my journey

I am becoming the change I want to see in the world

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