Roundup: 6 Late Night Date Ideas

This month my fiance and I will be celebrating 8 years together so I figured I would share all things relationship. I love a good date night as much as the next person and while I love running the world with my man during the day time, I love our late night date excursions that usually arise because I have a craving for something. From ice cream or boba to walking the Santa Monica pier I love little things and places that allow me be in the mix of the busy streets of LA. I’ve rounded up 6 of our go to spots for late night cravings, sweets and moving around the city.


Ice Cream // Cool Haus

One of my favorite late night date ideas is a trip to get ice cream. I’m not talking about Baskin Robbins or Coldstone’s I’m talking about unique creameries that have custom flavors that get switched out every month or so. One of my favorite late night places to go to is a unique spot called Cool Haus. It is this super cute boutique ice cream shop in Culver City’s art district complete with new flavors, neon signs and a bright interior perfect for the gram.

My fiance was introduced to this place by a friend of ours and he knew that he had to take me there immediately (good man) so occasionally we go. I like that it is occasionally because it makes the adventure fun and whenever we go they have a whole range of new ice cream flavors to choose from.

Boba // Cafe 70

For my fellow boba lovers if you’re looking for a late night date idea that will curb your late night craving then you want to go Cafe 70 in Culver City. Clearly Culver City knew what they were doing putting all of the best spots near each other. Cafe 70 is my go to place for boba and the best treat to surprise me with if you’re feeling generous. From the range of drink flavors and drink add ins to their full menu of amazing salads, sandwiches and soups this place cannot disappoint. Cafe 70 is the perfect late night date idea because they are open until MIDNIGHT. Thank me later!


Santa Monica Pier

It’s so funny to think of Santa Monica Pier as a late night date idea because I used to hang out at the promenade when I was in middle school. I was never around super late but it is easily a great late night date idea for a evening stroll, evening bite or just to people watch. Santa Monica is very colorful and has a lot going on already; plus it’s free. You don’t have to play games or ride rides, the walk on the pier itself is just enough. Perfect for a late night date idea.

Universal City Walk

People forget about City Walk; I forget about City Walk. Universal City Walk is a open walking experience right next door to Universal Studios. There are restaurants, bars, candy stores, novelty shops, and a good amount of things to keep you entertained. It can be crowded, but it stays open late and is perfect for the 21 and up crowd.


Sit Down // Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles

If you’re not from LA or even if you are from LA Roscoe’s is a go to spot for all things chicken and waffles. Just off of Pico and La Brea it is the perfect late night date idea no matter where you are coming from. Whether you want a full meal or just the sides, you will not be disappointed. Don’t be surprised if the line is long because trust you won’t be the only couple that had the idea of a late date night.

Fast Food // In N Out

What’s a late night date idea if you haven’t considered going to In N Out. Only people who aren’t from here think In N Out is overrated but let me tell you if you want consistent, good food, without the fuss of waiting to be seated this is one place you cannot pass up. Lately when my fiance and I have gone to In N Out it’s been late night. It’s mostly the fact that even if it’s late we’ll never be disappointed. What’s better than an In N Out burger at 1:30 AM or 2:00 AM. Nothing.

What are your favorite late night date ideas and if you have some spots in LA let me know in the comments!


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