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A few weeks ago I was invited to a day party called Thank You LA. It was at a really dope venue in Hollywood that had some pretty cool features and aspects to it. I was invited to the brunch and day party experience that is Thank You LA as well as invited to celebrate the birthday of my friend Kenny a.k.a. DJ Kenway Live.

Parking was street or paid lot and honestly it makes sense to park in the lot especially if you’re going to be there all day. I decided to wear 5 inch heels which isn’t necessarily a requirement for this day party. It was a good mix of tennis shoes and sandals and high heels and pumps. If I were to go again I would for sure wear kicks or flats. You arrive, walk through the parking lot and go to the box office to get your wrist band. General Admission is free (until a certain time), brunch is $20. If you’re reading this and considering going, it makes the most sense to buy a ticket that comes with brunch.

I was invited as a blogger, but got to the front and was told I couldn’t bring my camera because there were already too many people with cameras. I only saw 2 or 3 people with camera’s one was lowkey a camera crew, but I don’t make the rules so I had to walk back to the car and leave it. In the end I’m glad I did and I’ll explain that later.

Once you get inside the bathroom and the main dance floor is downstairs while brunch is upstairs in a completely different part of the venue. The venue was very nice. It was spacious, it had a nice open floor plan downstairs and upstairs and it had really nice floors; like the venue was really solid and definitely helped with the experience. I personally had no idea how to even get upstairs when I got in because no one was really giving any type of direction.

Eventually I figured out where I needed to go, made my way upstairs where there is a second bar, huge open booths that can seat at least 5 people per side and a dance floor. I was so thankful because one of my best friends for over a decade was there which helped because brunch was mad chaos. I get up there and he was like “there is no more food”. My first thought was ‘am I that late?’. Then I realized they were bringing food out in waves, but it was like survival of the fittest to get food which was a bit extra to me, it’s just not my vibe. I didn’t want to feel like I had to “fight” for my food.

The reason why it’s good to buy a brunch ticket is because you get bottomless mimosas from 2-5 PM. That was nice because the bar downstairs literally had 2 young ladies working and a ton of people trying to order drinks. Even if you eat before and go just for mimosas that’s really the best way to do it. You get to be in a space that is completely separate from the downstairs (until 5 PM) which is nice because you have a chance to sit and not necessarily need to be standing around the whole time. I appreciated that.

Eventually I got some food, it was good, I definitely understand why people were doing the most to get it, but there has to be a better way to do that. 5 PM rolls around and we are now in the downstairs area which was cool. I was really glad in this moment that I didn’t have my camera because we were just about to be standing the rest of the time and I had it on my tripod so I didn’t want to have all of that to carry.

The dance floor was spacious; there were VIP sections off of the dance floor, almost in a stadium type of style. My favorite feature of the venue was the ceiling. There was a sick electric ceiling treatment with colorful visuals that added to the experience; that was probably my favorite part. It made for a killer boomerang.

Overall it was fun. It only happens once a month so with that type of schedule I could see myself going again. If anyone that is 21 and up is looking for something to do or a place to hang out especially during the summer months, you should for sure hit up Thank You LA. Make sure you follow 88th x 11 Mile on Instagram and subscribe to get plugged in for the next event. They’re throwing a Memorial Day party that you probably don’t want to miss.


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