Self Care: April Affirmations

Expansion. That’s what I really want this year. To expand and continue to grow into my best self even when it’s scary and when it hurts. It’s still early in the year which means there is still room for growth. I had planned to read the book Rise and Grind by Damon John as my April book of the month; instead I’m reading Practicing the Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It is different than his Power of Now book in that it uses essential teachings, meditations and exercises to really help you put the Power of Now to work.

That book has really been doing a number on me; expanding my mindset and capabilities and really helping me to focus on the now, present moment. If you’re like me that can be really hard. As I continue to read through it and apply things I can only think about expansion.

I pray that these affirmations help you expand in whatever area you are looking for growth in.

I am building my dream life; the future is mine to create

I am open to growth; I’m ready to move beyond my comfort zone

I am open to new connections and relationships

I am a master of my thoughts; I am paying attention to what I let in

I accept myself

I can have it all; I don’t have to choose

I am at peace with the person I used to be; I forgive myself

I am done settling

I am available to abundance, acknowledgement and all that comes with me being my best self

I am not afraid to ask for help

I am not afraid to invest in myself; my growth depends on it

My mind is stronger than my emotions

I am blessed beyond belief even when it doesn’t look like it

I am not afraid to shine while walking in my purpose; I don’t have to dim my light

I am not selfish because I choose myself

I am experiencing peace in my patience

I am not finding myself, I am creating myself

My dreams have not expired; I can still start today

I am intentional with my actions and connections

I am open to creating new habits; those habits allow me to be my best self


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