Blogging: 5 Tips For Using Stock Photos

Today I’m talking all things stock photos. What they are, how you use them and why they are important to brand building. This post is a little long so lets get into it.

What are they?

Curated photos that are shot by someone else to be used for blogs, graphics, overlays and anything else creative including but not limited to E-books, mockups, media kits and templates.

What is the purpose of them?

They are high quality, aesthetically pleasing pictures that are perfect for the growth and design of your brand or business.

They can help with the cohesive look you are searching for especially when you are just beginning. They are great fillers for keeping your feed on brand without sacrificing poor picture quality.

Examples of Stock Photos on my page:

All of the magazine shots are stock photos

Why I use them?

I use them because aesthetics are important to me and while my Insta feed isn’t perfect or quite where I want it to be (yet), growing into that ideal aesthetic is easier when I have the right tools and resources to help get myself ahead.

I use them because the lighting of the photographer is much better and set up in a way to take these photos. I love my camera and I’m glad I bought it, but I can’t always get the lighting that I want even with the use of natural light.

I use them a lot (more) for blog posts because it adds to the look and feel of my page, it keeps things clean and professional but still authentic to me. It flows with the content that I create on my own and really amps up the vibe of my page.

For Instagram I use them for moments when I need to make sure my feed stays on brand and when the content I may have wanted to post doesn’t really meet that level. If you can use them properly they will look great.

I will say it is harder to use them when the content on your page isn’t higher quality. Using stock photos in the past was hard(er) for me because the content I was creating wasn’t as high quality. It was super important to me when I started Daily Dose of Luxury to start with a level of high quality content so that way stock photos at some point could be implemented and not look forced.

How you can use them too?

Whether you are looking for an ideal color scheme or a certain type of picture, stock photos can help bring that vision to life, especially in the beginning. Use them to create a cleaner vibe on your Instagram or Website; there is nothing worst than bad pictures and while yes we all need to start somewhere, pictures and aesthetics are what get people to stop, look and stay engaged.

Where I get mine from and why I use Girl Boss Stock Photos.

All of the stock photos that I use are from Girl Boss Stock Photos. Girl Boss Stock is a subscription based stock photo company that houses collections of photos based on color, content and other needs.

The reason I LOVE the stock photos from here is because they look authentic and real to my brand. I use magazines and things in my own photos so really they are better versions of what I would already take; they just so happen to be taken by someone else, are available to me in a large quantity, in a number of different color schemes, WITH the marble background that I love. I have the same laptop, same makeup and same vibe that these particular stock photos exude.

I also love the price and payment options. Instead of paying monthly (which is an option) I personally pay quarterly. This is a PERFECT way to keep my overhead costs low but still get the pictures I want and need. I have access to all of the photos and don’t have to worry about how much it will cost me monthly, freeing my funds up for other things but still allowing me to build my brand.

Have You Used Stock Photos Before?

This isn’t my first time using stock photos and this is isn’t my first time using a stock photo subscription. The reason a SUBSCRIPTION is WORTH IT is because the stock photos that are free and available to all of us (which there is no problem using them, I did in the beginning with a previous brand) are already used and essentially being recycled over and over again. Everyone has seen them which makes them less exciting over time.

I love knowing that the photos I have access to aren’t available to EVERYONE. I like the exclusivity of having a subscription, having super nice photos available for me and the ease of being able to log on and get them when I need them. I also love the fact that there are new photos being created on the regular allowing me to keep my content fresh and updated. I cant thank Girl Boss Stock enough.

If you want 10 Free Stock Photos CLICK HERE

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