Blogging: 5 Reasons to Have a Photo Shoot

One thing that has totally elevated my brand has been picture content. I knew the vision I had for Daily Dose of Luxury when I started and great photos was really important. The only platforms I use are Instagram, Pinterest and my website; all which are visual experiences. The truth is your audience and brands want to see great photos and one way you can do that is by having a photo shoot.

Once I committed to lifestyle blogging I KNEW I needed a photo shoot. It was beyond a want at that point; I really needed great pictures and having the photo shoot really boosted my confidence and sparked a lot of my features and conversations. Even if you have 1 photo shoot a quarter, do it. Do it for your brand. Alright enough of that, my 5 reasons to have a photo shoot are below!

1. It creates a level of professionalism

Treat your brand like a business. There is something different about having someone else take pictures of you. I have a great camera (Sony A5000) I plan on using it a lot more, but having a photo shoot is better. My rule is quality over quantity especially when I’m the very thing that is being represented. I take this seriously and I want those I encounter to understand that. I have two examples below from my Instagram to show you what I mean. Both pictures I like, I posted them, but one is much better.

Example 1: Is A Good Picture.

Example 2: Is A Great Picture.

2. You have content to work with for months

There’s that word again, content. Content is a never ending thing. I have a ton of pictures that have not been posted yet; they have purpose, I’m strategically rolling them out and that allows my feed to stay on brand. Having that high quality content allows me to sprinkle in other parts of my brand which allows my authenticity. I’m obviously not photo shoot ready every day but that doesn’t mean my brand has to ‘suffer’.

3. You get shots that are fun and playful

The best part of the photo shoot is the pictures! When I saw the photos that Zipporah of Bloom and Flourish took of me I was blown away. I couldn’t believe that was me. I was ecstatic and I knew I made a great choice. The very first picture I released from the photo shoot HERE is really when I noticed things turning. I remember thinking “oh this went well, wait until you see the rest.” It really gave me so much confidence and at the end of the day it was me in those pictures, I have nothing to be insecure about, worried about, my whole mindset changed.

4. You get practice

I definitely needed to be coached through my first photo shoot. It may not look like it, but Zipporah definitely had to get me to loosen up. Now that I’ve had that photo shoot when I take pictures on my Iphone or have my fiance take pictures of me, I know how to pose, I know what shot I’m going for; I’ve had some practice. Practice is important to me; for my next photo shoot I want to maximize the content and be so confident and comfortable that I get even more pictures because I know what I’m doing. The more comfortable the easier it is to work with the photographer.

5. Helps Build Your Brand

At the end of the day if building a brand/blog is what you are going for (hopefully that is why you’re reading this), then you should have a photo shoot because it will build you up and build your brand up. The very pictures from my photo shoot are pictures that were used for my interview with Voyage LA Magazine (ya’ll hadn’t even seen those), I used them for my about page, they have been used for fliers for events and for my bio so that is what is helping me stand out.

My favorite compliment as a lifestyle blogger and as someone in this creative field is “I love your feed”. The high quality photos from my photo shoot forced me to level up. Everything else needed to be brought up to bring my brand up. Below I’m sharing a few of the places where my photos from the shoot have been featured.

WOW Couture

Dining Out Miami

Gerard Bertrand USA

Voyage LA Trailblazers South LA

Voyage LA Trailblazers Interview

You never know who is watching or seeking you out or looking to feature you and I for sure want to give them great photos to use.

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