Blogging: 5 Misconceptions About Being A Blogger

Deciding to blog has been such an exciting journey for me. A lot of you all have told me along the way how much you’ve seen me grow and even asked how I make it all happen. It may look easy and fun but it is hard work just like anything else.

I recently attended an influencer brunch (my favorite thing to do these days) and we were talking about the misconceptions that our friends, followers, family and even haters have as it relates to being a blogger (vlogger, influencer, podcaster, insert your creative job). Let’s get straight to it.

It’s Easy

I think this is the biggest misconception of them all. It’s Easy. It looks glamorous and fun from the highlight reels we show, but it is not easy. In my post HERE I answered questions around the blogging/influencer space and one of the questions asked was “How much time do I spend creating content a day?”. My answer was and still is, content creation is an ongoing thing. If you really want to grow your blog, following and brand you need high quality content AT ALL times.

The moment I started to curate my feed to look a certain way was the moment that it became hard. It’s easy to post when there is no structure to what is being posted, but when there is structure and order it becomes a maintaining game. I always feel like I need to be on, looking my best, I’m always thinking of a new blog post, thinking of new content, trying to fulfill campaigns and unbox successfully (not easy by yourself or one handed by the way).

Everything that I’m doing is to set myself up, but it is to maintain the vision and look that my audience/followers have come to see and know in the first place. My blog and brand is Daily Dose of Luxury; everything I do and the content I need to create needs to have a underlying tone of luxury because that is what I’ve created it to be. It doesn’t need to be name brand things, but my tribe knows what to expect from me based on how I’ve set the stage.

The hustle never stops.

It’s Only Free Stuff

Free stuff doesn’t show up at your doorstep because you became a blogger. Sorry to break it to you. Your brand and the way you present yourself online and off (however you connect with brands) is how you open up the possibility of receiving free stuff.

Anything that a blogger receives paid or unpaid is in exchange for something. There is no, we send you free stuff and you get to just collect our items. Businesses, brands and other bloggers are EXPECTING something in return. A shoutout, Instagram post, Instagram story, blog posts, SOMETHING is required in exchange for being given products.

I mentioned in my post HERE that there are sites that help bridge that gap and create relationships between bloggers and businesses, but businesses still want what they want. If your page is all over the place, they will look right past you. You have to remember that you are basically marketing on someone else’s behalf. Brands want to feel like they can trust you to share their products which hopefully converts on their end.

Having a Blog/Website Means I’m In

You need a website if you are planning to have a blog; you also need a website if you want to own the rights to your property. These are the things you need and want to set yourself up for success. If your blog and your social media channels don’t have some kind of flow, structure or cohesiveness your tribe and others will look right past you.

It’s already tough to get people to click the link in your bio and actually GO to your blog. Once you get them there, your goal should be to keep them there for a few minutes. Give them things to do; keep them engaged. When I first started Daily Dose of Luxury the estimated time on my site from visitors was like 25-35 seconds (yikes!). As I have grown, created more content and really got a feel for what my audience wants to read or spends the most time reading, those seconds have turned to minutes. Minutes is great in a world where there is so much noise we only have a few minutes.

Free Photoshoots

Photoshoots are not free. People thought that because I was contacted by a photographer that they were giving me free shots. No mam’, I paid for those photos. Every single one of them. You want to know how glamorous blogger shoots are?

Depending on where you are taking them, there isn’t always a chance to “go change in the bathroom” I was changing in the backseat and front seat of my car in Beverly Hills. Both of my looks were ALL white and the moment I stepped out of the car, I got my white pants dirty. Not only that, the cold weather kept sucking up my lotion and my poor little feet were lowkey ashy but thankfully you could not tell. #DailyDoseOfHonesty

I have my own camera and my own equipment and it’s great trust me, BUT there is something different about letting someone else take your photos, in gorgeous settings, allowing that high quality content to be created. If I never had that photo shoot, the pictures that have helped build my page these last few months would not exist, but would also be the difference between where I am writing this very post and where I was when I started.

You Don’t Have to Work

If you aren’t willing to put in the work then I’m not sure what you are expecting to get out of it. I have been working what feels like overtime to get to this very point that I’m at ONLY a few months later. I still have my 9-5, I still have bills to pay, regular life is happening for me too.

I do realize that my journey, though short, has been one that has appeared to take off quickly. It looks like I haven’t had to do anything but post pictures of myself and look pretty to get free stuff and I promise you that’s not what’s happening.

I’m always working on something (not always sharing right away) blog related; what’s my next event, what’s coming up, who can I create a new connection with. Lately I’ve been working on collaborating and expanding that area of my portfolio because if you really want to know what makes the work a little less hard, it’s connections.

Blogging and finally being obedient to what I’m called to do has been extremely rewarding, but please understand that I’m not chilling by any means.

I hope this was helpful!


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