Blogging: 8 Tips to Start and Maintain Your Blog and Influencer Journey

I’m super excited to be doing a post like this, A LOT of people have questions about becoming an influencer, starting a blog or just being consistent on social media and I want to share as much as I know and what has worked for me. I am not a stingy person! I am not the kind of girl to withhold information because I think you’re trying to take my space or whatever; that is not me so if you have questions please ask! I know it can seem weird or intimidating, but a closed mouth doesn’t get fed so why not ask.

I wanted to make this as easy to read as possible and I wanted those who actually asked questions to be able to find their answers, so I broke it down into the categories that your questions fall into.

Questions on Content + Planning

How Do I Manage My Time?

A lot of planning ahead. Downtime at work, I use all of that time for everything business related. I take phone calls, send voice messages, emails, whatever I can do when there is free time I do it. I refuse to complain about my 9-5, but not do anything to help push me towards leaving. I prepare captions for Instagram, organize, choose and edit pictures; if there is time I’m using it.

How Much Time Do I Dedicate to Creating Content Everyday?

Creating content is an ongoing thing, I dedicate a minimum of 1 hour to creating content every day. Creating content includes but certainly isn’t limited to finishing up a post, writing captions, getting posts ready for the next few days or weeks, adding photos to blog posts, etc. This is why it is important to plan ahead because creating content doesn’t really stop.

I’m always creating and that is what I love most about being in this space being able to create non-stop. If you don’t love social media or desire to spend a lot of time online then this can be hard for you. It’s more than just posting pictures. I’m thinking of the content I can create based on what my schedule looks like, what holidays are coming up and what is relevant/trending.

When I’m at an event, I take certain types of pictures, and videos, things that can be re-purposed for a blog post or Instagram post. I used to be embarrassed that I was “the girl taking pictures” everywhere I went, but the truth is I have a blog to run. The need to create content is also why I like to arrive early to events so I can spend a few minutes taking photos. Your content is ultimately what people follow you and come to your page for anyway.

Creating a brand includes creating content.

Do I schedule Posts?

Yes. I schedule both my blog posts and my Instagram posts.

I schedule my blog posts through my website. Most websites that have a blog feature will and/or should have a scheduling feature.

I schedule and plan my Instagram posts and captions using Planoly and UN UM. The reason I use both is because I use the free accounts and Planoly has a 30 picture upload max for free accounts, UN UM does not. I post from Planoly but organize and plan through UN UM.

Questions on Becoming/Being an Influencer

How Did I Get Started?

Blogging: I had been wanting to have a lifestyle blog for a long time, last year before my 27th Birthday I made a decision that I had to go for it. I was so scared, I cared what EVERYONE thought, but my passion for wanting to do it was what fueled me. I had just gotten engaged and felt like now would be the perfect time to bring people into my world and I feel so incredibly blessed to have been able to finally make this happen. I also needed a creative outlet outside of my 9-5 that helped me realize I don’t have to stick around.

Simple answer, I just started.

Influencer: I started to search on Instagram for brands that were looking for brand ambassador’s and then I started googling ‘brands looking for influencers’. That search led me to a few websites/companies that help brands find influencers and influencers find brands.

Sites like Influenster, Heartbeat Co. and Octoly to name a few are pretty well known for their connections. Basically you sign up, connect your accounts and wait. When I first started with Heartbeat Co., I didn’t have any campaigns coming in, now they flow in regularly and I accept what best fits my lifestyle.

How long before things took off?

Not long at all and that is why I give full credit to Jesus. I do believe my feed and how I’ve set it up helps, but that is all apart of the strategy. Brands want to work with people they feel like are making waves in their niche; they want to work with influencers and inviduals that have attractive brands and pages.

I know people think it’s superficial and fake to create this “perfect feed”, but that is one thing that will set you apart; that is how you make yourself stand out. THAT is what keeps my business running when I’m offline. My brand and blog work for me when I sleep, so when I wake up my inbox has offers and things coming in. Your brand and how it looks and makes someone feel is VERY important.

Do I Have An Agent?

No. I do not have an agent at this time, I’m still in the early phases and don’t have a need for it just yet. My goal is to get to the point that I need one. It isn’t uncommon for people to have agents depending on the level of projects and or brands being worked with.

Once you get to a point where you are securing larger collaborations and partnerships, an agent is a good thing to have. A Perfect example of a blogger duo that does have an agent is @sassyredlipstick and her husband @tripp. Check out their feeds on your own and see why they need an agent.

I don’t have a 100,000 followers, will brands still look at me?

If you follow me, you know I have about 1.7k followers and that has not stopped me from being noticed or selected by brands. In fact I want to encourage people to work with what you have and who you have. It has worked in my favor to have less followers because my engagement (likes, comments, clicks etc.,) are genuine and make sense in relation to the number of followers I have. Micro-Influencers exist; just because you don’t have a ton of followers doesn’t mean you don’t have influence.

I have a solid following, I have not bought followers, I will never buy followers and I don’t encourage you do that either. Brands will know. If you have 100k followers and your engagement is low that is noticeable. My suggestion is to work with your current following and then it will grow from there.

I’m a Brand that wants to reach out to Influencers, what should I say?

As someone who has been contacted by a number of brands, there are things that I have loved and things that instantly turned me off. Below are just some key points to be successful in your approach as a brand.

As a brand you want to let the influencer know:

-who you are

-why you’re reaching out

-what you’re product/brand/business is

Make sure you:

-compliment the influencer (this works the same for influencers reaching out to brands), tell them WHY you reached out, what stood out to you (this helps influencers and brands understand what is working for them).

Let them know what you are asking for:

-will you be sending a product in exchange for photos, unboxing videos or a blog post?

-are you offering them a discount code to shop and promote?

-are you asking them to become a #brandambassador for your brand/company

-did you meet them at an event and want to send them items

Make sure it’s clear what you want from us and don’t take it personal if we don’t say yes, as an influencer (just like as a brand) we want things that align with us and that make sense so if it doesn’t make sense then that is usually why we say no.

Send Updates

-please send updates to your influencers; a number of things can change in a matter of hours and it is okay, but there is nothing worst than the feeling of being left in the dark especially when the brand is the person who contacted the influencer

I hope I answered your questions! I would love to keep this going; please send me your questions via EMAIL, DM or in the comments below!


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