Self Care: My Workout Playlist

It is very rare that I workout without music, there is nothing better than having a dope song giving you that extra boost to push through. I listen to Drake here and there, but I’ve actually been listening to Christian hip hop A LOT more. The music I share on my stories is usually something from this playlist or a few others, but I’m ALWAYS bumpin’. These will totally surprise you, but you I know you will love them.

I broke my playlist down into 2 categories because I need and prefer to hear certain songs during certain activities and they usually consist of cardio or weights/strength training. I’m sharing my top 20 below; go listen to them and tell me what you think.

Songs for Cardio

TEAM- Andy Mineo x Wordsplayed

Against All Adz – Wordsplayed

R.U.T.S. – Andy Mineo x Wordsplayed

Astronaut – Derek Minor

Clouds – Trip Lee

Doin Life – Benjah

Fresh Prince – Derek Minor

Look At Me Now – Derek Minor

Blessings – Lecrae x Ty Dolla $ign

On My Mama – Benjah

Songs for Weights

Six Four – Steven Malcolm

Tree Tops – No Big Dyl

Break Bread – Andy Mineo x Wordsplayed

Manolo – Trip Lee

Never Quit – Benjah

Oh My Gawd – Brvndon P (my favorite for squats and abs)

Fresh Prince – Derek Minor

Came Up – Jor’dan Armstrong

Climbing – Benjah

On My Mama – Benjah


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