Self Care: March Affirmations

It’s March and just like that we are quickly 3 months into the new year. I personally have been experiencing an amount of growth that I prayed for and wanted, but didn’t think would happen so soon. As usual I’m here to help you experience the same type of growth and progress in your own life. I share these affirmations for myself and for you. The reason why affirmations are so powerful is because our mind can’t determine if what we are saying/dreaming/desiring is reality or if it’s just a thought. You have to believe before you see the results that you are wishing for and I pray these help you with that visualization. Here are your new affirmations for March.

I am patient; there is purpose in my season of waiting

I am proud of myself; I am trying my hardest

I am overcoming everything that comes my way

I choose my words with intention and purpose; I am watching what I say

I am getting clear about my goals, dreams and desires even if it scares me

I am choosing to focus on the things I love about my life

I am beautiful, brilliant and brave

I am grateful for what I have while working on what I want

My dreams don’t have an expiration date; I am not behind

I am only giving my attention to the things that fire me up

I am moving forward even when things don’t go as planned

Where I am is not who I am

I walk by the word of God, not by my emotions

My story is unique, different and not worthy of comparison

I believe a way is being made even when I don’t see the way

I am content with not knowing

I am no longer available to the things that I dislike

I am embracing all that is me

What I want already exists; it is on the way to me

I have everything I need to begin where I am

I am whole on my own; I complete me

I am attracting more of what I love and enjoy

I will no longer let fear stop me; I am working through it

I am no longer saying YES to things that do not fulfill me; there is no explanation required.


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