Roundup: 8 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

It rains in Los Angeles despite popular belief. I wanted to pop in quickly and share a few of my favorite things to do on a rainy day in LA. Some of which I may do today if the rain persists and even if it doesn’t.

Go Rollerskating

This is a good rainy day or non rainy day activity. I haven’t skated in a minute, but if you’re in the LA area and haven’t been to World On Wheels since it’s been back, a rainy day is the perfect time to go!

Have movie night or day at home

One thing my mother in law loves to do is have family movie night; we either go out and see a movie, maybe even 2 or we stay home and watch a few different movies. We normally do it when my brother in law or extended family is in town; gives us something to do for free

Binge watch on Netflix

You should for sure watch Altered Carbon and 7 Seconds

Make a cozy/warm meal

I’m always here for a good baked potato with a little chili, some soup, anything that will make you a little warmer.

Go get Ice Cream

I’m one of those people that believe ice cream is way better when it’s cold. I don’t go to Coldstone’s as much as I used to, but rainy days are when I love to get a waffle bowl and all of the extra fixings on top.

Go to the Bookstore

This is perfect for a rainy day or a non rainy day; when my fiance and I go to the grove for dinner we go to the bookstore while we wait. Books are so amazing and there are so many things to learn so why not spend a few hours in a corner of a bookstore.


Though the rain makes us want to do less, a HIIT workout or a 30-45 minutes circuit of 3-4 things is a good way to stay on top of your fitness even when you can’t go outside. This is probably only for me because I don’t go to the gym I workout outdoors, I have weights etc.

Self Care Routine

If you’ve been meaning to take care of yourself and haven’t you could run a bubble bath, read, give yourself a face or hair mask, paint your nails, meditate, anything that allows you to relax is perfect for a rainy day.

What are some of your favorite things to do on rainy days?

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