Self Care: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparison | noun | the act or instance of comparing

At some point in our lives we have all compared ourselves to someone else. I have done it and could not wait to get my mindset to the point that I no longer needed to do it. On my own journey I’ve found it so easy to compare ourselves to others because society is always comparing something or someone to something or someone else. We subconsciously absorb those habits and begin to do the same thing in our personal lives and thanks to social media it happens so much that most don’t know how to escape it. We’ve forgotten that we have something on the inside of each of us that makes us unique to who we are; instead we search for answers about ourselves in other people hoping that how they live their lives will tell us a little bit about our own.

“We’ve forgotten that we have something on the inside of each of us that makes us unique to who we are”

Spending time in God’s word and reflecting on my life as a whole so many things make sense. There are so many things that add up even when I try to subtract them. In one of the devotionals I’ve read called Just Think: From God’s Heart to Yours, one of the lessons was, He compares you to no one else – you are one of a kind. Once I got clear on His thoughts about me and how that has shown up in my life (and my life only), I began to realize what His plan FOR ME was and I stopped running from it. I decided to just embrace it and let him do his thing which as a result has led to so many amazing things happening in such a short amount of time. This isn’t an overnight process by any means, it does take work and you have to be willing to revisit things and times that you may not want to, JUST SO you can heal and move on.

“He compares you to no one else, you are one of a kind”

Grateful, Grateful

Start by writing down what you’re grateful for. Often times we forget what we have to be grateful for because we spend so much time focusing on what we don’t have. How will you be able to handle more if you can’t be happy with what you already have? If you have clean running water, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and food to eat you are insanely blessed. Let that be enough.


Affirm to yourself that there is room for you too in WHATEVER industry you want to be in or are attempting to become a part of. There is room for all of us; society tricks us into thinking there is only room for a few or that you need certain resources before you can enter. The one thing that kept me from being a lifestyle blogger sooner, aside from thinking I was supposed to be an event planner, was the idea that I could not create anything that was worthy of being COMPARED to those already in the game. I’ll be the first one to tell you that isn’t true.The way I create and the way God creates through me is exactly why I’ve been able to push through and make a space for myself. No man can stop what God has planned for you or your life. Every month I share affirmations for myself and for you. You can get my February affirmations HERE.


Immerse yourself so deeply in creating something so amazing that you won’t even have time to look over at what others are doing. The moment I decided I was going to fully commit to lifestyle blogging was the moment that I started to create some of my favorite things. From blog posts to flat lays and photo shoots, I didn’t have time and barely have time to focus on the next person because I have a responsibility to myself and to my tribe to bring them new content. I firmly believe me staying in my lane and staying aligned with God these short 4 months is the reason why so many opportunities have come up and continue to come up. I’m content with what I have going on. I even find myself scrolling on my own feed, not in an obsessive way, but to really just take time out to appreciate what I have created with God working on the inside of me.

Social Media Cleanse

Clean out your social media followers. If social media is a must for your brand/business make sure you aren’t following A N Y O N E that makes you feel like shit when you scroll past them. If the people you follow do anything other than inspire you to go get what you want then you don’t need to follow them. THAT INCLUDES FRIENDS TOO. We spend too much time hanging on to the very things that we sometimes need to let go of. Take as many breaks and delete as many people as you need to in order to get it right for yourself.


Write your goals out. What do YOU want? What are you praying for and trying to manifest in YOUR life? Focusing and comparing yourself to another person does what for your current situation? It surely isn’t going to change it, only you can change it. Write your goals out and get to work on them. Include dates you want to finish these goals by; what steps do you need to get started. Don’t be afraid to write down your craziest dreams; what seems impossible to us is certainly not impossible for God. You have to get familiar with the #GodSizeDreams that you have and stop trying to suppress them.

You are good enough as you are; grow, evolve, but don’t try to do what someone else does in THEIR way, when you can do amazing things YOUR way. You as an individual were created with purpose, on purpose, don’t forget that.

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