Roundup: 6 Favorite Lipsticks

2017 ended with me desiring to get back on my makeup game and switch things up. I had recently bought a new eye shadow palette, new lip glosses and though I wasn’t wearing a lot of lipstick at the time I wanted to get into it. MAC was my go to spot. I had a gift card and decided why not spend it ALL on makeup. I also had a ton of used/empty MAC products and using their Back 2 MAC recycle program that meant more free goodies. Always save your empty/used MAC products; I save them for a rainy day (a day where I don’t need to spend money but still want something). See my 6 favorite lipsticks below.

Stone (Matte) $17.50

Muted grey/purple that is just barely there. This color was a total surprise for me but it reminded me of a matte liquid lipstick that I have from NYX and something about grey/purple looks really good on me. The application is smooth and creamy which is nice for a matte. Texture and application are my deciding factors with lipstick. Buy Here

Naturally Transformed (Matte) $17.50

Nude color that gives me iced chai vibes. My aunt wore this for her wedding and it was beautiful! It’s perfect with cork or chestnut as a lip liner and creates the sickest ombre if done right. Buy Here

Yash (Matte) $17.50

Nude color similar to Naturally Transformed but with more pink in it. I also discovered this color after my aunt wore it. It’s so pretty and also works beautifully with a cork or chestnut pencil. It might even look pretty with a bordeaux liner or something with a little red in it. Perfect for date night. Buy Here

Taraji P. Henson 2, Viva Glam (Frost) $17.50

This is a pretty bronze copper color. I’m not a huge frost girl just because my lips are larger but I LOVE this color. It was definitely an unexpected surprise. One thing I love about MAC is all of their dope collabs with certain artists and I’m really glad I bought this because once it’s gone, that’s it. I’m not huge on the hype of getting everything when it first drops but I do want to start collecting pieces from these one of a kind collabs. SOLD OUT

Nicki Minaj, The Pink Print $17.50

This is a pinky nude that is a mid-toned shade of her two latest pieces. My mom has the lighter one and it’s perfect for her since she is lighter than me. This one is more pink than Yash which I love. It gives me spring time floral vibes. There isn’t many left so make sure you get one if you want it. Buy Here

Viva Glam II $17.50

This was my first pink lipstick, I bought this years ago and still have. For some reason I thought it was discontinued, but MAC still has it. I wasn’t into lipstick when I bought this, so buying this was a huge deal but the color, another subdued nude pink is perfect and one of those colors I’m glad I grabbed. Buy Here

If you’re looking to switch up your lippies and try something new or different this year go get one of these (with an exception of 4-6), you’re sure to love them!

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