Self Care: February Affirmations

New month, who dis?! January felt long but it was good and I wouldn’t change anything that happened. A new month also means new affirmations. I try to switch up my affirmations for each month based on personal areas in my life that I feel need improvement as well as based on the things that I have seen going on around me. Since February is Black History month I decided to make these affirmations related to and or dealing with being black. My goal isn’t to make anyone feel excluded, but my goal is to empower myself and those who look like me. Here are 14 affirmations (with one bonus) that you can speak over the next 28 days and beyond.

I am in love with myself and all of the things that make me ME

I love my hair in it’s natural state, whatever natural is for ME; thick, curly, fine or thin, I love it anyway

I love my brown skin, whatever brown means for ME; fair, light, medium, cocoa, dark brown

I was made in the image of God, my skin is beautiful

My worth is not determined by those who cannot love me

My worth is not determined by government, laws, rules, or any other thing put in place for control or extermination

My worth is not determined by the type of job I have

There is room for ME in my desired industry, even if no one looks like me

I let go of any negative thoughts about myself because they no longer serve me

I am where I am supposed to be

Everything I desire already exists and is available for me to have

I belong in every room that I walk into

I believe in myself when others don’t believe in me

My worth is not determined by who claps for me; it’s also not determined by who doesn’t clap

As long as I am black, I am historic; I do not need a month. I exist for a lifetime

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