Self Care: 6 Ways to Practice Self Care

There is a quote that says something along the lines of “Self Care is more than face masks and bubble baths…” and while bubble baths and face masks can be Self Care practices, I would have to agree that Self Care is MORE THAN just those things. Whenever I talk about Self Care or even use it to refer to my own life I’m talking about doing things that help my mental and my overall well being. I love a good face mask as much as the next person but a face mask won’t quiet the thoughts in my head or remind me to be anxious for nothing.

Social Detox

A break from social media, the news, the celebrities and all of the noise that bombards us daily is a GREAT way to relax. As someone who is building a brand and uses social media for that same building, it is easy to forget that the reason I’m wound up is because I don’t allow myself to wind down. Don’t let society trick you into FOMO. You’re really not missing anything that 1. Won’t come around again or 2. Cause your life to end because you missed it.


Meditation is incredibly helpful and freeing if you really take time to do it. It has really helped me connect deeper with God and with myself. It allows me the time and space to focus on my vision and focus on the things I’m believing God for. I’ve tried apps, but didn’t feel connected or engaged. I really enjoy Spotify and their plethora of great playlists for all types of moods; a quick search of meditation will lead you to your perfect soundtrack. Since I’ve started meditating, I’ve found myself craving the need to meditate; like really desiring it. Now I meditate before bed and usually on my lunch break to give myself a second wind. My tips for meditation are: use music if silence is too silent for you, surrender – completely let everything go and focus on your breathing.

Engage In A Unrelated Activity

Do something that counters what is causing you stress/anxiety/overwhelm. Instead of scrolling Instagram, read a book/magazine or watch a documentary. Play a video game or computer came; take a walk or go to that new coffee shop you’ve been meaning to stop by. Switch it up.


Get it out on paper and out of your head. Even if writing it down doesn’t resolve what is is you are dealing with, it is one less thought/task/item that is in your head driving you insane. People often ask “How Do You Start Journaling?” There isn’t a right or wrong answer in my opinion, having the option to write things down in a way that works for you is what you will find to be your best method of journaling. My way may not be the best way for you so I try not to give people advice on “How” to journal, I just tell them to start. Write in something that makes you excited to write and just let it all out. It’s for you so there is no need to worry if its perfect or not.

Listen to Instrumentals

I love music and I love lyrics/singing along; it is rare that I’m not listening to music especially on my drive to and from work. The reason why I shift and listen to music without lyrics is because we subconsciously forget that what we are hearing and usually repeating is being spoken over our life even though “it’s just a song”. I’m not telling you to cut off your favorite artists, BUT be mindful of the things you let play in the background or play on repeat because without you realizing it, those are the things you are constantly hearing. Spotify has great pre-made playlists if the idea of finding a ton of new instrumentals you like sounds daunting.

Treat Yourself

This is where the bubble baths and face masks show up. If your desire is better skin, which will lead to more confidence then this is where you get to begin that journey. Once a week, twice a week, when you take your bubble bath, do something that makes you feel good and/or puts you one step closer to that goal you’re after. Maybe that’s your monthly nail appointment, buying yourself flowers or your laser treatment; this is where you get to decide.

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