Self Care: January Affirmations

My December Affirmations became my most viewed post in the short 2 months that I’ve had my blog. Not every list will be super long, but I will always share something because speaking life over yourself and situations is key. If you have to visit my blog every day to make sure you say them, that is fine by me.

Since this Affirmation list is a bit shorter than my first one, I’m not providing a printable worksheet. I am however, providing you access to my #MoreLife worksheet. #MoreLife is all about you celebrating things along the way, small and big. We wait for monumental moments in our life before we decide to clap for ourselves. I want to know what you are waiting for and why whatever that is, is preventing you from celebrating now. Get Access to my worksheets and start celebrating yourself on a DAILY BASIS.

2018 is about changed mindsets and improved thoughts; I can admit I have limiting beliefs surrounding money, but that will no longer keep me bound. I deserve the amount(s) I want to make and I will make them. You may or may not feel like you have limiting or negative beliefs about money but I challenge you to check in with yourself. Revisit the things your parents used to tell you about money, revisit what you tell yourself about money. If any of it is negative then you need these affirmations to rewire your thoughts about it. Belief is a huge part of getting what we want. Do you believe you deserve more money?

I love money because I love myself

I love money and money loves me

I love and approve of myself

I am open to all the good and abundance of the Universe

I know what I’m doing

I deserve success and respect and awards and money and the best the world has to offer

There is plenty of money and prosperity for everyone, especially me

I am not greedy because I desire money and wealth

My bank account is experiencing supernatural increase

I can afford all of the things I need AND the things I want

I am not moved by my current circumstances; instead I choose to focus on my truths

I am open to money coming to me from new ways that I’ve never imagined

I love money because it’s the root of so much awesome

Money loves me and can’t stay away

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